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47 Ronin makes Feb date

That Keanu Reeves/Carl Rinsch Samurai pic 47 Ronin is finally inching forward. Universal have it penciled in to start shooting on Feb 28 in Hungary and London. Hossein Amini is currently doing a polish on the script. You know the film right? Lord Asano, the beloved ruler of Ako province, kills himself after his rival, Lord Kira, frames him for attempted murder (Asano’s protectors are then cast off as disgraced ronin, only to reemerge a year later to get their revenge on Kira)? Keanu Reeves is playing the “half-breed”, Hiro, the man who leads the charge against the malicious Lord Kira. Most of the other roles will be filled by Japanese actors. Uni are currently looking to fill the following spots :

Chikara - 16-24, he is Oishi’s brave, honorable and loyal son who admires Hiro and seeks his father’s approval. Although Oishi is unimpressed with Chikara’s unconventional fighting methods at first, father and son come to a mutual understanding and Chikara earns his father’s respect while fighting as part of the 47 ronin. This is one the lead roles.

Yasuno - Mid 20s to 30s, a brash young samurai, falsely hailed as a hero in the fight against the Kirin beast, he loathes Hiro, the “half-breed” who really defeated the Kirin. Yasuno has a fiery temper and protests Hiro’s inclusion in the 47 ronin. He’s deeply upset over his friend Basho’s death. Also one of the lead roles.

BASHO - A huge, baby-faced samurai, he is friends with Yasuno and quite superstitious, particularly afraid of the forest where Hiro was raised. While banished, Basho finds works as a sumo wrestler, and as part of the 47 ronin, he comes to gruffly accept Hiro…

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GuestLovely! (2010-10-15 17:28:58)
 This is great news. Thanks Anakin. I'm really looking forward to this one.

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