IndieWire (US), November 18, 2010

"Henry’s Crime" Heads To Screens Via Moving Pictures Film & TV

by Daniel Loria

Malcolm Venville’s romantic comedy “Henry’s Crime,” starring Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga and James Caan has been picked up for a North American release by Maitland Primrose Group, with distribution being handled Moving Pictures Film & TV. The deal was negotiated by CAA with Gary Hirsch and Ted Chalmers from Moving Pictures.

The film centers around Henry (Reeves), who finds himself in prison after being falsely accused of robbing a bank. He strikes a close friendship with his cellmate, Max (Caan), only to become his partner in crime upon their release. But when Henry meets Julie (Farmiga), his life begins to take a turn toward a different path.

“This film went through a very unique development process, a deeply collaborative one between Keanu, Sacha and I,” said Company Films producer Stephen Hamel in a statement. “Once we pinned down a rather elusive, existential story, we were able to create something that most people can relate to, coming to a place in our lives where we question whether or not we’ve made the right choices.”

Margaret Tritch, President of Maitland Primrose Group, added, “Coming off of a strong AFM for Moving Pictures, we are thrilled to announce our acquisition of ‘Henry’s Crime.’ We have been aggressively increasing the caliber and number of our acquisitions this year. We are excited to be closing out the year with a gem such as Henry’s Crime.”

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