Digital Spy (UK), January 14, 2011

Reeves: 'New film makes people want sex'

by Mayer Nissim

Keanu Reeves has joked that his new movie Henry's Crime makes audiences want to have sex.

The actor plays a man who is jailed for three years after unwittingly being involved in a bank robbery and who then tries to actually rob the bank on his release.

Reeves told The Guardian: "Henry has no dream. He's gone along with his life. I feel that's a real story. Sometimes we just go along with things.

"With him, it stops being okay, and when he decides to rob the bank, he starts to live. It's preposterous, but hopefully it's delightful, too."

He added: "To me, it's a really good afternoon film. I've had a couple of people come out after it and say, 'Wow, we saw your film and we just wanna go have sex now'.

"Maybe it just makes you wanna hold someone close. Of all the comments I've heard, that's my favourite."

When it was suggested that could be used to promote the film, Reeves quipped: "Yeah! 'Watch Henry's Crime! Guaranteed sex! If your girl doesn't put out after this, we'll give you half your money back!'"

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Henry's Crime


(2011-01-16 18:50:47)
 nice try, K. now leave the PR to the pros. ;) :D
(2011-01-17 09:38:09)
 Yeah, he does pretty much say whatever comes to mind, doesn't he? :D Not that I should talk . . .lol
Well.... (2011-01-19 05:54:43)
 Don't ALL of Keanu's movies make people want to have sex...? /ducks/
(2011-01-19 22:59:46)
 I'm not sure it's the movies . . .


(2011-01-20 01:33:00)
 Adrianna- come on, give the movies < some > credit... ;)
(2011-01-23 01:10:06)
 Well, the movies should get credit of course :)
But if Pauly Shore played Constantine, I don't think I'd be here. . . :D
(2011-01-23 01:13:39)
 "But if Pauly Shore played Constantine".
touche' ;) :D
(2011-01-23 06:02:40)
 Wow, that's a strange thought isn't it? I wonder why that came to mind. Pauly Shore as Constantine, that would be absolutely horrible . . . lol. :D What's wrong with me!
little marshmallows
(2011-01-31 05:55:28)
 If only he'd said "Go watch Henry's Crime, guaranteed sex with me!" I'd have been there like a shot.
*sigh* Unfortunately the cinemas where I live didn't even bother showing it! I am a sad little marshmallow.
(2011-01-31 11:03:51)
 well, i don't know about *that*. but meeting him would be nice. and I wanna see Henry's Crime anyway.

I wanted to go to the premiere, but I can't drive yet. :(

Guest (2011-01-31 21:58:11)
 Me neither Tangerine. I can't afford it right now. mean you'd turn down sex with K?!?! Are you *nuts*?! :P <3
little marshmallows
(2011-01-31 22:00:35)
 Me neither Tangerine. I can't afford it right now. mean you'd turn down sex with K?!?! Are you *nuts*?! :P <3

oops....just realised I hadn't signed in yet :P

Anakin McFly
(2011-02-01 04:52:56)

She's not nuts. She's tangerine. :|
(2011-02-01 08:22:03)
 Tangerines don't have sex. They rely on pollination. Trying to have sex with K would end with Tangerine as a pool of juice on the floor. We wouldn't want that.
(2011-02-04 22:40:16)
 Pool of juice on the floor :D LMFAO! I thought that's what happens just from thinking about sex with K . . . nevermind . . . :P
O__O (2011-02-05 12:02:11)
Tangerines don't have sex. They rely on pollination.

...erm. thank you, Ink, for the scientific accuracy.

Trying to have sex with K would end with Tangerine as a pool of juice on the floor.

Tangerines really are not that squishy... O__________O you're not hinting that...

and I consider myself a little... young for, um, meiosis.

(2011-04-14 13:48:13)
 funny discussion :D ... gosh i should go to sleep , jesus... this articles are keeping me up all night ,,

BTW what keanu said was funny :D his sense of humor takes me back to my teens when i had good times :D...the kid inside of keanu must be so alive :).. and thats makes him so adorable

he does like this theory about his movies (2011-04-23 07:48:27)
 remember it seemed to make him happy during the AWITC promo interviews too.
(2011-04-24 00:43:22)
 *shakes head*
they never grow up, do they? not *really*... ;)
Men! *sigh* (2011-04-25 05:00:34)
 Yeah, I know. Men. They never really grow out of their childishness. Most of them never learn to cook, either. Even easy stuff like boiling potatoes is too complicated for most of them. And Keanu has pretty much admitted in interviews that he's not much of a cook. Maybe that's why he didn't do that Chef movie project thingy.
(2011-04-25 05:20:22)
 ink. focus, please. 'we' were talking about sex, not cooking ;)
Anakin McFly
(2011-04-25 07:22:34)

...but Keanu used to manage a pasta stall and made 100 pounds of pasta a day. That's cooking!
Drool...Sigh... (2011-04-25 07:35:16)
 OMG!! I try NOT to think about sex with The Anu at the best of times..But hell, a guy like him only comes round once in a blue moon. He really is an enigma, in every way..Someone said to me the other day that he isn't good looking anymore, and didn't I agree, when I compare pics of him when he was a lot younger? (and totally stunning they are) but no, I don't see that there is any change in his attractiveness at all.
Let's face it, when I 1st discovered Keanu, not only was he about 20 odd years younger then, but so was I. I have watched him mature from a carefree lad, to a man who has gone through hell and back, but still he doesn't look his age. Only the pain in his eyes shows, and you can see that it runs deep still.
My only worry about him, is the amount of work that he sets himself constantly. He's not getting any younger + he is feeling more tired now. I bet he's not looking forward to all the wire-work on the Matrix again, as he'll more than likely end up in ice baths to get the swelling in his knees down again.( I think I could do with one of those for entirely different I hate the thought of it, but I can see The Anu burning himself out.
I think the older he gets, the more sexy he gets too, he's refined that sexiness and holds it back on a leash...
Because he's so untouchable, it just makes it worse...It's almost unbearable....
Right...Where's those ice-cubs.....pmsl
Like fine wine... (2011-04-26 02:28:10)
 I think that if anything, he actually looks *better* now than before. Age has given his face added character, methinks. I like his grey hairs too. He has about as many of those as I do.
(2011-04-26 06:03:33)
 I also think he's got better with age. And when he doesn't have a beard and his hair is shorter he looks incredibly young - not his real age, anyway!
Gypsybiker2112, I agree all his burdens show in his eyes, but sometimes they also light up!

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