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Bojana as Keanu Reeves’ lover

by Marija Mijatovic

A few days ago the filming of indie film Generation Um..., written and directed by Mark Mann, was wrapped up. The cast of the movie boasts celebrated Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, Serbian actress Bojana Novakovic and Jake Hoffman. The film was shot on various locations in New York, and is scheduled to see its premiere in early 2012.

Although, according to many, the plot of the film has been done and processed in Hollywood too many times, this unusual cast is what makes this existential drama unique. The plot revolves around a man called John, who spends 24 hours in the company of two girls, visiting clubs and bars and other obscure places a big city has on offer, all the while spending his time having sex, drinking and using drugs. Until the lot realise the futility of their existence as it is.

Only two days into shooting Keanu Reeves stated he was happy with the way the project was coming, and then reflected on the film’s plot.

- “The storyline is set within only 24 hours of a guy whose name is John. Basically, it is all about his relationship with two call-girls. He is a truck driver who steels a video camera and ends up with the two girls in an apartment. Everything else boils down to the inter-personal dynamics developing among them,” said Reeves.

Bojana Novakovic, whose early roles showed signs of tremendous power of transformation as an actress, will this time appear before the audiences in a quite different light.

- “This is a very risky film. It is very intimate what we do - emotionally. I have only positive things to say of Keanu. He is an intelligent and creative actor, whose courage brings out the best in the actors he works with. This is a rare gift and it makes me look forward to getting up in the morning and going to the set,” the young actress said for Blic and added she was delighted with her partner on set.

- “He is a fantastic and it’s hard to believe a character like him exists. The film is an independent one, which means the director and the producers have decided to stick to their original artistic idea, shunning all suggestions and interventions coming from elsewhere and settled only for actors and actresses who fit in with the plot. In this respect, the film is a risk. Keanu is incredibly smart and incredibly brave and his enthusiasm and intelligence set a standard for my work ever since we started working. He is open and likes to take a risk,” said Novakovic and reflected on the fact there are plenty of sex scenes in the film.

- “We are doing a lot of intimate scenes on an emotional level, and it’s not exactly sex we are talking about. But even if we did scenes like that, I really wouldn’t mind doing them with Keanu,” Bojana said while laughing.


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