The Wall Street Journal (US), February 23, 2011

James Franco, Gus Van Sant Rework 'My Own Private Idaho'

James Franco has collaborated with director Gus Van Sant to rework his classic 1991 film “My Own Private Idaho” for an upcoming exhibit at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills. “Endless Idaho” uses outtakes, deleted scenes and the film itself to make a 12-hour version of the movie that stars River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves. The other work, “My Own Private River,” focuses on the character Phoenix played. The show, which also includes art by Van Sant, opens this Saturday, a day before Franco’s turn as co-host of the Oscars.

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My Own Private Idaho


My Own Private Idaho


Well.. (2011-02-26 17:07:13)
 This is interesting, hopefully there'll be follow-up articles :).
(2011-02-27 02:14:30)

The true test of Franco’s exhibition remains to be seen however — can he get “Sad Keanu” to sit in the corner of the gallery? Fingers crossed.

(2011-02-27 02:56:20)
@erickohn erickohn
Franco & Van Sant's "Endless Idaho" at the Gagosian. They just quit the 7 hour quicktime file (pt. 1?) of this 12 hour installation.
3 minutes ago via ÜberSocial

From what I can tell, the 100-miniute "My Own Private River," basically outtakes of Phoenix wandering around, is a much more tangible project.

(2011-03-02 02:59:17)

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