(Hungary), February 28, 2011

Keanu Reeves arrives in Budapest

(Translated from Hungarian by Anakin McFly using Google Translate)

Keanu Reeves arrived in Budapest on Monday. In the next two months, he will be filming in the Hungarian capital.

The 46-year-old Canadian was accompanied by bodyguards. He stepped out with a hat on his head, got into a car and was immediately rushed to the city.

The star of the Matrix trilogy, whose last film, a comedy entitled Henry's Crime was presented last year at the Toronto International Film Festival, was last seen by Hungarian cinema audiences in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee have seen. He will be filming 47 Ronin, a 3D feature film from Hungary.

A costume drama set in an 18th Century, it is based on a true story. A band of samurai heroes remain without a leader (and thus become ronin) after their master is forced to commit ritual suicide because of a court clerk. The ronin - after two years of patient planning - eventually avenge their former lord's death, but since becoming murderers, are forced to commit seppuku. In the past few centuries, it has become an almost mythical story of loyalty, sacrifice, perseverance and honor. It has became a symbol of Japan, where it remains very popular, having been performed in various stage and film performances; even an opera.

According to Variety, the 3D movie will be a stylized version of the story of the samurai avenging the death of their master, with seasoned visual effects reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings and the typical fantasy-like scenes of Gladiator action sequences. The script was designed, in part, to allow Keanu Reeves (who is of Asian descent) to play one of the warriors.

The 47 Ronin feature film is directed by a new face in the area. Universal Studios - as part of a recent Hollywood trend - has hired a new talent. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Carl Rinsch - who has only short films and commercials to his name - was entrusted with the 170 million dollar production.

Although Ridley Scott was previously the number one candidate, 20th Century Fox insisted on Scott as a director for the upcoming Alien prequel. 47 Ronin has thus become Carl Rinsch's first feature film.

Universal plans for the film to hit Hungary and Great Britain theaters by November 2012.

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