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Keanu Reeves will become a samurai in new film

(Translated from Spanish by Anakin McFly with Google Translate)

by Florencia Maldjian

London - The Canadian actor Keanu Reeves stars in "47 Ronin", the first feature from director Carl Erik Rinsch, a Japanese cast production about the legend of 47 samurai seeking revenge.

Reeves, who is currently involved in two different productions, decided to participate in "47 Ronin". He considered the project "exciting", he explained at a press conference in London.

The plot concerns a traditional country legend which tells of how 47 Japanese samurai became ronin (masterless samurai) when their master performed the ritual of seppuku (suicide) as punishment for assaulting a public official.

By way of revenge, the 47 ronin carried out an elaborate plan to avenge their master, killing the official and his family.

It is unclear whether the events occurred as the story goes, but the existence of the ronin has never been questioned in Japanese popular culture, which honors these samurai with an annual festival in which people lay incense before their tombstones .

The importance of ronin in Japan makes this production a challenge for Rinsch, which is to create a product that does not disappoint the public who are familiar with Japan's history, without losing touch with susceptible western audiences in other countries.

"Instead of making a historical film, we propose to visualize the Japanese dream: we want to create an epic fantasy," said Rinsch on his production.

For his part, Keanu Reeves noted that "people will identify with the mythical world", in which a story takes place "in revenge, but also impossible love." The actor plays Kai, a pariah just joining the ronin.

Another of the problems that could face the director is to make the deal, Japanese altogether if not for Reeves, known to transmit their emotions in a language not their own. (Translator: ??? Original Spanish: "Otro de los problemas a los que podría enfrentarse el director es lograr que el reparto, japonés por completo si no contamos a Reeves, sepa transmitir sus emociones en una lengua que no es la suya.")

"Challenges are gifts, and this film brings us many gifts," joked Reeves in his appearance before the media.

Hiroyuki Sanada, who played a minor role in the final season of "Lost", and Tadanobu Asano, whom we will see in the film "Thor" in April, play the good and the bad guy respectively.

Both players mentioned in the press conference what the script represented to them, and the challenge of having to play so well known and admired figures in their culture.

It is also the case with their co-stars, Kou Shibasaki ("One missed call") and Rinko Kikuchi, nominated actress Oscar for her role in the Mexican film "Babel" by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Shibasaki plays Reeves' love interest, while Kikuchi would not disclose details of his role in not disclosing the plot.

Rinsch and Reeves plan to make this production a fantasy epic, a story of love and loyalty that will screen in 3D, the new technology, which attracts mainly children and adolescents.

"47 Ronin" will begin shooting in Budapest this month and be completed in the UK shortly before its release in Christmas 2012.

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