(Hungary), March 3, 2011

Exclusive: Keanu Reeves Innocent in Budapest Hit-and-Run

Hungarian tabloids Blikk and Bors have been making some serious insinuations about Keanu Reeves, and we're here to tell you they're just not true. According to the two papers - and some other reports - a Range Rover that the star was riding in rode over a very expensive (€5,000 plus) camera lens that a paparazzo had dropped, despite the snapper's frantic waving and shouting for the driver to stop. Which makes it sound like Keanu is at least partly to blame for the incident that took place on Tuesday morning at the entrance to the garage in the Coin department store building where Keanu is staying for the next two months, while he is shooting the samurai movie "47 Ronin."

But according to our unimpeachable source M.M., there was nothing the driver - or Keanu - could have reasonably done to avoid driving over the lens, which said source identified as a 300 mm Canon.

Our source also exclusively informs us that the production, which is being filmed at the giant Raleigh Studios facility, is "unprecedented" in scope, involving "hundreds" of flown-in Japanese extras and horses, and that Keanu called in this morning and said that, given the shitty weather, he's not coming to work until Monday. We'll keep you posted as events dictate, and in the meantime, remember not to believe everything you read about high-profile celebrities in sensationalistic media outlets.

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47 Ronin


Caveat.. (2011-03-04 20:50:24)
 Investigate, investigate, investigate for yourself anything you read on the 'net, whether articles or in the comments section of same ;).

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