MTV (US), April 5, 2011

Keanu Reeves Says He's Still Knocking On The 'Cowboy Bebop' Door

by Danica Davidson

If you’ve been following anime-to-movie news — or Keanu Reeves’ life — you’ll know the "Matrix" actor is an anime fan and has been trying to get a “Cowboy Bebop” live action movie off the ground for some time. But with a reportedly high budget and several years of development already behind us, is there still a chance that the on-again off-again movie could hit theaters?

That’s the question that we all want to know here at Splash Page, so when we recently sat down with Reeves to discuss his new movie "Henry's Crime," we asked him for a "Bebop" update -- and it was more encouraging than we admittedly expected.

“You know, I spoke with some people ...” the actor told MTV News. “I had some conversations. I believe there’s still knocking on that door, but it has not opened.”

MTV News first covered the possibility of a live action “Cowboy Bebop” movie with Reeves in 2008. At the time, he told us simply: “We’re trying to do that.”

More word came in 2009, when we were told the script was almost complete. We’ve had a few other run-ins with “Bebop,” and in September of last year Reeves talked to MTV News about it, saying he wasn’t optimistic. He said they were going “Nowhere.”

While Reeves’ latest conversation with us isn’t too detailed, "knocking on the door" certainly sounds better than "nowhere."

“Cowboy Bebop” takes place in the future, focusing on Spike Spiegel and his fellow bounty hunters aboard a spacecraft. The twenty-six episode series has played on Adult Swim, making it familiar to Americans who might not otherwise know as much about the anime.

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