Daily Express (UK), June 2, 2011

Keanu Reeves' Dream of Playing Macbeth

HE started off his movie career with Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure before charging enigmatically about The Matrix in a flapping leather mac.

So what next for Keanu Reeves? Shakespeare of course.

The 46-year-old admitted his remaining burning ambition was to play Macbeth on stage.

“Yes I’d love to do that role,” says the movie star, adding that he’s held talks with leading directors in the hope of making it happen.

“It hasn’t worked out yet but maybe down the road. Maybe I’m too old for the role but it is Shakespeare so you can do it whenever.”

He is keen to tackle the Bard again even though his previous efforts in the Nineties failed to impress the critics.

His theatrical effort in Hamlet on stage in Canada was not well received and he earned a Golden Raspberry Award for his performance as Don John in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing.

But Reeves remains a Shakespeare obsessive and carries a collection of the Bard’s sonnets with him wherever he goes, happily quoting verses at whim. He tells Moving Pictures magazine: “There are certain lines that are just great, like, ‘When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past, I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought, and with old woes new wail my dear time’s waste’. Y’know?”

Whoa! Excellent.


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(2011-06-03 04:24:58)
 After Henry's crime my greatest wish is to see him on stage(doesn't matter what role he would play).I'm sure it would be taped this time(unlike Hamlet):) May be he will do it after Ronins?
P.S. I didn't know he earned a Golden Raspberry. I thought he was only nominated...
(2011-06-03 05:29:49)
 I think this article is recycled info that is partially true. But I do believe he wants to do MacBeth. Maybe 3D! It would really help out school kids. If it comes to the stage I will be there, WHEREVER it may be.
Of course my usual plea is for him to do an audio book of shakespeare sonnets or plays or both. It would be a fab teaching aid.
(2011-06-03 07:50:07)
 Brilliant.. I LOVE Macbeth . I hope Keanu gets to do it on stage .. and at the same time I envy those who would see him playing Macbeth on stage :D..anyway,,

and I agree , I really love the idea of Keanu doing an audio book of Shakespeare's plays , and sonnets too ..that would be fantastic..

(2011-06-03 10:30:27)
 If he did the audio book it would be a sort of a preparation for his doing shakespeare on stage. Then he could release the audio book during the run at the theater. To calm the fans who can't get to where its playing, and to re enforce the theme of keanu and shakespeare the perfect match. See? A multi media extravaganza! Can there be a video game? Just throwing it out there.
just as a side (2011-06-04 00:50:31)
 note to Daily Express : Reeves was NOMINATED for a Razzie 'for his performance as Don John in Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing'. The 'award' went to Woody Harrelson for Indecent Proposal.
This goes to show the true value of the Razzies ( and especially of the people who get to vote). And the lack of journalistic research ( it's Daily Express, duh :( )
(2011-06-04 08:35:00)
 Woody Harrelson was quit decent in "Indecent proposal in my opinion . Razzies is a Joke really .

and ARYA! yes , exactly .

(2011-06-04 23:26:32)
 I'd love to see him play MacBeth, so let's keep our finger crossed! ;)
As to the audiobook, it's an excellent idea - I love Keanu's voice, I love The Sonnets ... what else can I say?
(2011-06-08 14:56:11)
 I would totally go see that! I've often wondered what his actual stage presence is like. Stage is much different from movie screen.
(2011-06-08 22:16:48)
 well, as long as he has Stormare to push him around, his stage presence will be fine ;) :D
Critics? (2011-06-11 12:27:57)
 Uh, I seem to recall that there were some good reviews, too. I specifically remember one critic praising his performance, saying he was one of the best Hamlets ever - "because he *is* Hamlet" -- if I remember correctly.
Anakin McFly
(2011-06-11 13:53:43)

yep -> http://www.whoaisnotme.net/articles/1995_0122_mos.htm

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