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Interview with Keanu Reeves about "47 Ronin"

Keanu Reeves in a telephone interview with LA Times talked about how he has been working on the set of the epic drama “47 Ronin”, which will be released in November 2012.

Saga of 47 Ronin, telling about the historical events of 18th century, is a national legend of the Japanese people. Over time, it has acquired additional details and it was embellished in accordance with the needs of folklore. Director is Carl Rinsh, actors Keanu Reeves, Ken Watanabe, Tadanobu Asano, Carrie-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Ryoko adapted the ancient legend of the battles, duty and love in stereoscopic film with an eye on the audience of the 21st century.

“We just packed up our things. This is our last day in Hungary, Budapest. We filmed here 34 days. Now we proceed to England. What we are shooting, has happened very, very long time ago. Have you heard the story of 47 ronin? This is a story about honor, revenge and incredible love. It is very popular in Japan”.

Keanu Reeves plays Kay, the son of English sailor and a Japanese woman. His character was invented and introduced into the picture special for “Hollywood” version of the presentation.

“Japanese children grow up with this story. They hear it from family members who are studying in school, it’s a part of their culture. A lot of times on this tradition have been made films and serials. It looks at the history of our westerns. We’ve made some changes in this parable for our film, but did it very carefully and with great respect”.

Reeves says that Kai – “an outcast” in the group, which merged with Oishi, the head of 47 ronin. Ronin hatched a plan for revenge official Cyrus the death of his lord Asano. Kai, in the opinion of the conspirators, unreliable compatriot in their company, and his position will be subjected to further questioning, as he falls in love with Mick, daughter of their fallen master. Brought before the court Ronin, will be tested for durability and fidelity to each other.

In Kae Reeves sees the hero of an outsider who wants to find his own place.

“It is sad, and I admire his compassion that he shows to the feelings of others. There is no anger at how he is treated and by whom he is regarded by others. But deep sadness that I see in my hero – a very interesting feeling with which I want to work. “

Reeves says, that the Japanese created some difficulties: “First, we filmed a scene in Japanese, and only then – in English.”

However, despite this, the actor has found team spirit with fellow actors, and imbued with the charm of tradition, which lives in the hearts of the Japanese for centuries. Reeves has been inspired with scenes of battle.

“I’ve never had to manage two-handed sword, and so it was great to learn basic techniques of working with it. Fighting with a great sword should be very fast, this is its peculiarity, and I struggled to master this skill.”

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