(UK), October 5, 2011

Keanu Reeves: I've stopped demon bike rides

Keanu Reeves would rather handcuff himself to a bed than go for a demon ride on his motorbike.

The Hollywood star is known for his passion for powerful bikes. He admits he used to go for demon rides in his younger years – which involve racing a motorbike at night with the headlights switched off.

Keanu has now realised this is an irresponsible and dangerous hobby, admitting he was crying out for help.

“I think we deal with our emotions differently when we are older, and I think the demon rides were a way for me to blow off steam when I was younger,” he told the British edition of GQ magazine. “It just always seemed to be at night. You know, some of those rides, I guess that was the outcome they wanted. So now, when I get those feelings, I think maybe I’ll just handcuff myself to the bed. Wait for the sun to come up.”

The 47-year-old actor has been involved in several motorbike accidents.

During one infamous ride around Topanga Canyon in California, Keanu came off his bike after taking a corner too quickly. The crash left him shaken and he decided to be more careful on the road.

“That was the first time I thought I was going to die. I was on this road, at night, and I came around a turn going too fast and hit the side of the mountain. I remember thinking, ‘I’m dead.’ And then it all went black. The next thing I knew was I was off the bike. But shock is a tremendous thing. Shock helps you carry on to the next stage of survival!” Keanu explained. “That was also the first time in my life that I cried out for help. Which is embarrassing. But I just didn’t want to die. And then this sound came out of the darkness and it said, ‘Help is on its way.’ Then I saw the ambulance coming up the canyon. When I got to the hospital they said I had internal bleeding and I ended up in hospital for a week.”




O....x....O (2011-10-27 17:36:02)
 Uh.... Handcuffs? Hmmmmm.... This opens up a part of me that is best kept behind locked doors, lordy, lordy! I mean, I'm usually a well behaved and demure little fangirl, but HELLO?? It was Keanu himself who made us all have naughty thoughts after painting us a mental picture of himself + handcuffs + a bed!! Seriously, what was he thinking?

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