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Minor accident for Keanu Reeves' classic motorcycle

(Note: This article initially spelt it "Reeve's". I corrected that, along with a few other major typos. - Ani)

Bikers don’t like people touching their motorcycles, so hitting someone’s ride in a parking lot with car is a surefire way of upsetting a rider.

Unless you happen to be the laid back motorcycle riding celebrity Keanu Reeves.

The star from ‘The Matrix’ was returning to his motorcycle parked outside a medical building in Los Angeles last Thursday only to be greeted by police. It seems a woman had backed her Mercedes into his motorcycle and police were called to the scene.

His apparent calmness was even more impressive when one considers the motorcycle in question was Reeves' classic Norton Commando 750.

According to reports, Keanu and the officer inspected the motorcycle and the star rode away with the personal details of the woman who had damaged the bike.

The 47 year old actor is an avid rider that appears to take many two-wheeled mishaps in his stride.

Earlier this year Reeves spoke about a time a car pulled in front of him on a British talk show. Oddly enough, that story included a bad driver as well.

Heading towards an indecisive driver the actor tried to decide whether he should drop the bike, jump off or go over the car.

“And by the time I figured that all out, I took the bumper off the car,” Reeves explained the show’s hosts, “and I ended up sitting on the ground with that bike lying over there and my tooth was cut in half.”

Lying on the ground, Reeves had a mouth full of blood and the skin on his shin was hanging off, being cut down to the bone.

While the actor was taking in what had happened and prodding the exposed bone out of curiosity a bystander asked if he was okay. Soon, the same bystander asked a paramedic attending the scene if the fallen biker was Keanu Reeves and walked up the injured actor and asked for an autograph.

The star-studded life lessons for everyday riders are; motorcycles never win in an argument with a car, even if they are right and people will do the strangest things without thinking.

The actor has reportedly been in numerous motorcycle accidents, losing a spleen after one in 1998 (Not true. It just got ruptured. Meanwhile I'm listening to Rob Dougan's "Clubbed to Death" right now. This music is awesome. - Ani). His favorite rides are a Moto Guzzi and a 1974 Norton Commando with the actor using motorcycles as his only form of transportation until studio executives convinced him to buy a car (he decided on a Porsche Carrera 4).

Reeves' ideal ride is down windy roads at night with his headlights off, something he refers to as a ‘demon ride’. We’re sure this has nothing to do with the number of reported accidents.



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Not exactly right (2011-10-30 22:24:57)
 It's been aeons since he had that Moto Guzzi. I actually think he got rid of it even before I became a fan, and that was 1994'ish.

Also, can you imagine the police being called to the scene of such a minor-bordering-on-microscopic mishap if the bike or car didn't belong to a moviestar?

Oh, and Ani, this article is tagged "Matrix", but that's not entirely correct, is it? Just askin'.

Anakin McFly
(2011-10-30 22:42:10)

The phrase 'The star from The Matrix' was used, so I tagged it to keep the system consistent.
(2011-10-31 02:10:15)
 Aha, OK. I thought it was a slight case of "The Matrix has you, article!".

Does there exist a tag for motorcycle content, mayhap?

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