TODAYonline (Singapore), October 11, 2011

Keanu Reeves to choose his Asian co-star

BEIJING - Keanu Reeves is set to film Man Of Tai Chi next year, but first he has to select his co-star, reports Apple Daily.

Chinese actresses Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li and Zhou Xun are all in the running to be the lead actress of the movie, which is Reeves' directorial debut.

According to Apple Daily, it appears that Ziyi has the edge, as Reeves has previously mentioned that he was attracted to her performance in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Her command of the English language also gives her an advantage over Zhou Xun.

As the movie is about tai chi, and Zhang Ziyi's previous experience gives her a leg up over Gong Li.

The movie will feature Reeves as the villain of the film. The film is set to feature both Mandarin and English being spoken.

Reeves is set to fly to Beijing next month to prepare for the film.

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