(Ch), December 19, 2011

Karen Mok: Keanu Reeves' Tai Chi girl

Singer-actress Karen Mok has been announced as the female lead of Keanu Reeves' directorial debut "Man of Tai Chi", according to

Mok will play a police officer in the movie.

The casting progress has lasted for a few months in China. A number of top Chinese actresses were rumored to be joining the movie including Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li, Liu Yifei and Huang Shengyi.

Previous reports have indicated that Chen Hu, the kung fu coach for Reeves, will play the lead role. Reeves will play opposite him as a villain.

"Man of Tai Chi" is a modern kung fu flick with a tai chi twist. China Film Group, Village Roadshow Asia, Wanda Media and Universal Pictures will co-produce the movie. Universal Pictures will be in charge of its release in North America.

The movie is expected to start shooting in February in Beijing.

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