(Ch), February 29, 2012

Keanu Reeves' Tai Chi movie starts filming

The directorial debut of American movie star Keanu Reeves, "The Man of Tai Chi", began shooting in Beijing on Tuesday, the New Express Daily reported.

The new director attended a small celebratory event along with the famed Chinese producer, Han Sanping and other members of the cast to mark the start of the production process for "Man of Tai Chi."

With nearly 200 million yuan worth of investment from Village Roadshow and the China Film Group, "Man of Tai Chi" marks the first time for Reeves to take the helm of a major movie project.

Shooting will last for nearly 6 months in both Beijing and Hong Kong.

Chen Hu, Reeves' Kung Fu coach, will play the lead in the movie, and Reeves will play the villain.

Hong Kong singer-actress Karen Mok will play the female lead as a police officer.

Chinese kung fu master Yuen Woo-ping will choreograph the movie.

"Man of Tai Chi" is the first time for Reeves to take the helm as director. It is a modern kung fu flick with a Tai Chi twist.

China Film Group, Village Roadshow Asia, Wanda Media and Universal Pictures will co-produce the movie. Universal Pictures will be in charge of its release in North America.


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2. Keanu Reeves and Han Sanping.
3. Keanu Reeves on the set.
4. Cast of the movie.


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Guest (2012-03-04 03:18:52)
 Well. It has finally come to this, has it?! Keanu, the director. What will they think of next????
(2012-03-04 04:41:35)
 Why worry about what comes next? Mr. Reeves has never been afraid to try something new. You see - it takes place in creative terms, which is wonderful! And I think that he knows very well what they are doing more than he lets on ...
What will they think of next???? (2012-03-04 17:23:43)
 you'll just have to wait and see/read ;)
Guestso excited (2012-03-04 19:09:58)
 I always knew he'd be a director one day. He is a dynamic learner, talented yet humble. I'm glad he's discovering more talents like he said in one of his interviews. It's inspiring...makes me want to never stop learning also, try new things, develop my talents and skills.

I wonder what that bracelet thing he's wearing is. He had it on in Berlin too. I imagine it's something meaningful and sentimental. But who knows? :)

GuestDinara (2012-03-06 05:50:13)
 Keanuuu i love u
(2012-03-08 23:40:35)



YOU CAN DO IT. ;____;

can I put a pic here? (2012-03-16 01:32:20)

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oops, I guess not.

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