JustJared.com (US), March 20, 2012

Keanu Reeves: Power of Film Gala Honoree!

Keanu Reeves suits up as he attends the Power of Film Gala held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s Grand Ballroom on Sunday (March 18) in Hong Kong.

The 47-year-old actor was honored at the event for his achievements in film along with Hong Kong-based documentary filmmaker Duncan Jepson.

Funds from the charity event support FilmAid Asia‘s programs, which use the power of film to bring education to refugees and displaced persons globally as well as addressing pressing issues such as trafficking of men, women and children in the Asia region.





Guestsonia (2012-04-09 20:16:12)
 something happend with him, I mean Keanu. He looks really very happy and fresh, full of power and life
(2012-04-11 18:42:22)
 yeah, he's directing his first film :)
historical babe
(2012-05-21 11:01:42)
 The fighting stance snaps remind me of all the times I've told derisive viewers that Keanu's technique with martial arts is pretty damn good. He doesn't make the kind of mistakes most actors do when they try this stuff on for size.

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