Toronto Sun (Ca), April 27, 2012

Keanu seen as good dad material

by Linda Massarella

U.S. papers -- and the websites that blatantly copy them -- have been spinning stories that Keanu Reeves is going to become a father.

Reeves is continually being cast as the main character in fantastic stories involving Hollywood single mothers because the handsome Canadian is neither married nor does he seem even close to starting a family.

The latest example is a story that originally ran in one supermarket rag this month and went viral.

The story was that Reeves and Charlize Theron (they were in Sweet November together) are an item because the 36-year-old actress believes Reeves would make a swell father to her newly adopted son, Jackson.

Proving that Reeves is "dad material," the widely reprinted article said that not only does the 47-year-old Matrix thespian bring the baby toys and plays with Jackson, Reeves is actually "babysitting" when Theron needs to go out.

He allegedly also built Jackson's crib with his own hands.

(By the way, for the past six months, Reeves has been in Asia, directing and starring in Man of Tai Chi. It hasn't been explained how he could be building cribs and babysitting in Los Angeles while in Beijing.)

The rugged star never comments on such things. But Theron did. An unidentified spokeswoman for the Oscar winner told the website Gossip Cop that, "no way" did any such thing happen between the two, who are apparently just pals.

Indeed, right when the story of a Theron/Reeves match was hitting the Internet, the reliable New York Daily News ran a story that the Monster actress is in reality dating True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard.

Before his fantasy match-up with Theron, Reeves was allegedly swooping in to save another former co-star, this time the one from Speed and The Lake House, from single parenthood.

Yes, while Sandra Bullock was going through a wretched time a couple of years ago -- her husband Jesse James was publicly cheating on her with several heavily tattooed young ladies -- the widely reported rumour was that she was finding solace in Keanu Reeves' arms.

He was also reported to be helping her with her newly adopted son, Louis.

Bullock's peeps kept trying to set the record straight.

She and Reeves were friends. Good friends. And colleagues.

You have to wonder why editors, desperate for a match-making story, can't stand seeing Reeves alone.

But there's a reason for it.

It started in 2010, when photos of a sad-looking Reeves, eating a sandwich alone on a park bench, were published.

The photos led to the spread of "Keanu is Sad/Sad Keanu" Internet meme and the Facebook fan page declaration that June 15 of that year would be the "Unofficial Cheer-up Keanu Day."

In December 1999, his girlfriend, Jennifer Symes, gave birth to their stillborn daughter. Symes died in 2001 in a car crash in Los Angeles.

Tragic stuff.

And fans are obviously eating up stories of a happily ever after.




Anakin McFly
this article was excellent until the last line (2012-04-28 16:51:59)

I'm pretty sure that fans were too busy laughing and going "lol no he's in china". At least, that's what I saw fans doing. And if the author of this piece knew that much about Keanu, it makes me wonder why she doesn't seem to consider herself a fan.
(2012-04-29 02:36:51)
  they were
ah yes (2012-04-29 12:34:19)
 the craving for a "happily ever after" is the never ending story.
Guestfor fractal (2012-05-18 10:03:10)
 I know this isn't the place for this, but I'm not a member so I can't post in the forum. Sorry.
But I just wanted fractal to know that I can relate. I don't want you to feel like you put yourself out there and no one cares. Not only could I describe my life situation with similar words, but I've had a horrible day in that someone stole my computer with some priceless stuff on it (pics that can't be replaced) that I was going to use for a future career change, etc. And it was because someone close to me left my computer in a vulnerable place. I guess you could say my own personal "rollercoaster" was at fault. So I know Keanu thinks that the phrase, "It could always be worse" is awful, and he's right. It is really no consolation at all, because whatever is horrible just IS. But it's still true at the same time, and because of the poem, it made me smile a bit. And I do have people in my life more precious than a thousand computers or careers.
I guess we just have to remember that whatever our situation, it doesn't help to wallow in the self-pity of the poem, and we have to keep pushing on toward our ideals. (I'm talking to myself here.) Keanu has had his share of grief and yet gives us an example of someone moving on, learning, even thriving. Anyway, I hope your day/life gets better. God bless.
fractalhey dear guest (2012-05-21 06:20:06)
 Hi, Guest

Thank you very much for what you wrote. I am grateful that you wrote, and I know the things you shared are not things that one would want to look back to, anyway.
Yup, I agree the"it can always get worse" is tongue-in-cheek black humour, and I have always appreciated that. And in most situations it helps. And when it doesn't... I think no Keanu can help! :)

Thank you again fo being here and writing! :)
Your friend fractal :)

GuestYou're welcome! (2012-05-23 22:32:17)
 I really like what you said about keeping things in perspective and agree that it's not easy to do no matter what our life's situation. I think it's really easy for me to get too wrapped up in my own thoughts and desires. I liked what historical babe said about homeless people for that reason. It seems to me that when I'm serving others and really connecting with others, I can get outside of myself and see a bigger picture. I love it when that happens because it makes me feel smaller and yet part of something bigger, connected. Does that make any sense? :)
And speaking of different perspectives (ha), I saw that you are an atheist and I'm very curious as to how you came to that decision. I believe it's as much a faith decision as becoming a Christian. If it's too personal to explain, that's ok, but I just thought I would ask. Coming from my perspective, I just yearn for you to feel hope about tomorrow. I feel that there is always a tomorrow and my choice lies in what I do with it. Anyway, I hope you're having a great day. I enjoy dialogues like this and appreciate your openness.
Your friend, Guestie (ha)

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