(US), November 1, 2012

Bradley Cooper And Derek Cianfrance Taking Over For Keanu Reeves And David Fincher On Chef?

by Joshua Brunsting

Following his beloved Ryan Gosling-starring drama Blue Valentine, director Derek Cianfrance has become something of a hot commodity in the film world. His latest, The Place Beyond The Pines, has recently played the festival circuit to solid notices, and apparently he and one of his stars may be re-teaming for a former David Fincher project.

Long thought dead in the water, following Fincher saying just as much a few years back, Cianfrance and star Bradley Cooper are rumored to be re-teaming for a film entitled Chef. Once a film to be helmed by Fincher and starring Keanu Reeves, Chef is now in the hands of The Weinstein Company and is based on a script from Eastern Promises scribe Steven Knight.

Following the story of a chef looking to try and get back to the status he once had following the loss of his two star Michelin rating, the film was one of the more intriguing projects within Fincher's collection of potential projects. However, nothing ultimately came of it, and buried within a Vulture story (hat tip to both them and The Playlist, who brought this to light), it's revealed that the pair are set to take the reins.

I just walked out of a screening of Silver Linings Playbook, which includes arguably star Cooper's greatest performance to date. There is a lot of depth to this performance, and shows a side of him that we really haven't seen. Cianfrance is just as intriguing a filmmaker, and the pair seem to have hit it up following Pines. Hopefully this can keep both of their momentum going.

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Anakin McFly
this makes me sad (2012-11-02 21:05:29)

...although on the bright side, if it's between this and the film not being made at all, it'll be better if it does get made.
well (2012-11-03 03:36:30)
 we already knew that K has an eye for good stories... so even if he doesn't get to play in this, he was the key factor in bringing the story to hwood's attention. So what Ani said. The story will get told, and we will know its story ;)

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