The Herald (Aus), January 23, 2013

Highly strung Keanu

by Tim Connell

THIS is a snap of Keanu Reeves, in a dressing room at Eastern Creek in 1995.

In it, Keanu is preparing to go onstage with his band Dogstar and open for Bon Jovi. But first, the future Matrix star will lose his temper with future Herald photographer Phil Hearne.


‘‘I was working at the Bon Jovi concert and I’d sneaked backstage,’’ Hearne tells us.

‘‘Then I heard someone strumming a guitar and I stumbled into a dressing room and there was Keanu, on his own, looking very nervous – a bit of a perfectionist.’’

For those who don’t remember, and you’d be in the majority, Dogstar were a three-piece alternative rock band. Keanu played bass.

The second most famous member was Robert Mailhouse, who had small roles in Days of Our Lives and Seinfeld.

But back to 1995.

‘‘I asked if I could take his photo, and he said ‘‘one photo, that’s all’’ and held up his hand,’’ Hearne recalls.

A bit later, when it was time for Dogstar to go on, the emboldened photographer overreached. He produced a long lens and snapped more shots. He thought they would be candid.

‘‘Keanu went ballistic,’’ says Hearne.

‘‘He screamed ‘I told you only one photo’, and I was kicked out.’’

We don’t think it was in vain.

Hearne’s dressing room snap of Keanu brings to mind the ‘‘Sad Keanu’’ photo that has gone viral. And to think, Hearne captured a Nervous Keanu 18 years ago.

Have you had a surprising encounter with someone famous?


Photo caption: BREAK POINT: ‘‘One’’ photo was enough for Keanu backstage. Picture: Phil Hearne



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