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How Alex Winter (Yup, Bill S. Preston, Esq.) Made A Doc About Napster

by Adam B. Vary

(snipped for Bill & Ted content)

ABV: Finally, you may be getting this question a lot, but there's been a lot of fun talk about another Bill & Ted movie —

AW: Yeah.

ABV: Where is that at for you?

AW: I don't mind talking about it. What happened was me and [Keanu] Reeves and the two writers over the years have kicked shit around, basically, and tried to find a way in. We were like, "If we find a way in that we think is valuable, we would do it." Or at least have fun writing it, right? Because we're all really tight, it's been a fun thing for us to just revisit the characters and kind of improv the characters again. It started just as that. I think it was a little frustrating because it got leaked to the press kind of early, so now we have to sort of excuse ourselves for not being farther along. But the reality of it is we're just working story until we feel we've got something that couldn't get ruined, and frankly has a reason for getting made in the first place. When we do, we'll hopefully put a deal together and get it made. But it's really just me and Reeves and the two writers.

ABV: I'd read that the idea is that Bill and Ted are freaking out because that amazing, world-changing song they were supposed to write, they haven't written yet?

AW: I think it's Keanu that's guilty of spilling that much information. I've been trying to keep my mouth shut. Yeah, basically.

ABV: It's a great idea.

AW: It's a really good idea.

ABV: I don't think people knowing it is a bad thing. A good idea begets more interest.

AW: Yeah, I think you may be right. I mean, it's like, we were trying to think of the funniest comic scenario we can dump them back into 20 years later, was like if none of those ambitions were realized. Especially given who they are, because they're not ego-driven guys. These aren't normal human beings like you get in a [Judd] Apatow [film]. This isn't This Is 40, you know what I mean? This is —

ABV: A little more high-concept than that.

AW: (laughs) I think so. And a little more emotionally stunted than that.

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