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'Bill & Ted 3' Won't Be A 'Weird Reboot,' Alex Winter Promises

by Brett White

The actor spills on the long-awaited sequel after premiering his documentary at SXSW.

While making the rounds at South by Southwest, Alex Winter, one-half of "Bill & Ted," dropped a few hints about the long-awaited third installment.

The quasi-revelations about the film, which would be the follow-up to 1989's "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" and 1991's "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey," came after acknowledging just how quickly rumors spread.

"It's so hard to go into this stuff," said Winter, who has been making the rounds at SXSW with his Napster-focused documentary "Downloaded." "In the information age, if I say the words 'Bill' and 'Ted' in a sentence that isn't even related [to the franchise], it hits the Twitter-verse."

Winter dispelled the rumors of legal problems, firmly stating, "There's no drama. There's no legal skirmish. There's no nothing. There's me, [co-star] Keanu [Reeves], [screenwriters] Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, the original core. We built a story. They wrote a script. We're tinkering with the script to get it perfect. Then we will go get the money. Then we will shoot it. And that's really all there is to it."

Questions about other returning characters besides the titular two were deflected, but Winter reassured fans that the film will honor what has come before.

"We are not discounting where we come from. The thing that we're working on is absolutely a 'Bill & Ted' movie. It's not like some kind of weird reboot. It's not, like, forgetting the past."

One character that sadly can't return is George Carlin as Rufus. The legendary comic passed away in 2008, and Winter revealed that honoring Carlin is a priority. "We've made [Rufus' absence] make sense as far as the story goes. I had a long talk with Kelly Carlin about what we're going to do with her dad's legacy because it's so important to us, but it's impossible to replace him."

So while cameras aren't ready to roll on "Bill & Ted 3," it sounds like the old telephone booth is getting closer to an excellent adventure every day.

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