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Keanu Reeves' lead is former trainer

by Syahida Kamarudin

After much anticipation, Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves finally released the first teaser poster and set photos of his directorial debut, "Man of Tai Chi".

As reported on Jayne Stars website, the poster shows the movie's lead star, Tiger Chen, doing air kicks while being surrounded by a yin yang fire - successfully capturing the aura that "The Matrix" actor wanted.

The movie, also stars Reeves himself as the main villain alongside Karen Mok and Simon Yam, will be showcasing the action choreography styles of Yuen Woo Ping of "Tai Chi Master" fame, whom Reeves met during the filming of "The Matrix" fifteen years back.

When asked why he chose tai chi as a topic for his directorial debut, Reeves explained, "I developed an interest in Asian martial arts – particularly tai chi – during the filming of "The Matrix" and had dreams to direct my first picture in China."

His love for the martial arts form may also be the reason why he decided to debut Tiger, his former personal trainer during the "The Matrix" era, on silver screen as the lead character.

"Man of Tai Chi" is currently undergoing post-production in the United States and is planned for a summer 2013 release in mainland China.

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