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'Johnny Mnemonic' gets the TV treatment

by Chris Jones

'Johnny Mnemonic': a 1995 sci fi thriller which starred Keanu Reeves, is set to be adapted for a new TV series.

Production company Seven Arts are behind the remake while Prodigy Pictures will distribute the series.

Seven Arts' CEO Peter Hoffman said yesterday "We are delighted to expand our relationship with Prodigy Pictures, which has had stellar successes in television and mini-series production."

The original movie, directed by Robert Longo was based on a short story by William Gibson starred Keanu Reeves alongside Dolph Lundgren and Ice-T. The story involves a data trafficker who, via means of a cybernetic implant, can carry huge amounts of information in his brain.

Hoffman also revealed that the series will have connections to another TV sci fi legend: 'Stargate'.

"Jay [Firestone of Prodigy Pictures] shares our enthusiasm for all three projects. He has already attached well-known television writers who were part of the successful Stargate series to Johnny Mnemonic."

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Johnny Mnemonic

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