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49 year old Keanu: Fat is fat with muscle

by Li Hao Jiao

Hollywood star Keanu Reeves opens the Huaxi fan event

Huaxi Dushi Newspaper: What's the happiest thing on earth? It's sitting next to your idol as he pours you tea, gets you water, and pulls up a stool for you to sit on. Yesterday, Huaxi Dushi's 2013 fan event opened its doors to host lucky fan Li Jiu Yang and Keanu Reeves in an 'intimate date'.

When in front of fans, Keanu Reeves is like an old urchin, generously sharing interesting anecdotes and telling jokes with a straight face. But when in front of reporters, he doesn't crack a smile, and every question is treated with thoughtful deliberation. Yesterday afternoon, Keanu Reeves accepted an exclusive interview with Huaxi Dushi.

Becoming a director because of a good friend in China

Q: How do you feel about your experience directing for the first time?

Keanu: Directing Man of Tai Chi was really great. Because this was a project full of enthusiasm, plus I got to work with my good friend Chen Hu, which made me really happy because we already had a very strong friendship.

Q: How did you come to the decision to be a director?

Keanu: You know, in the past I was always the actor, but now I realised I wanted to tell stories, and become a storyteller. I brought the idea to Chen Hu and he said ok, let's do it. He has a lot of trust in me and I have a lot of trust in him, and so we worked together on this movie.

Q: Is this also the reason why you chose to do a movie based on kungfu themes?

Keanu: Yes, and also because from young I've always loved kungfu movies. Being able to work with Chen Hu on this was perfect.

Q: This time you didn't have the lead role, but were playing the big villain?

Keanu: I simply love the feeling of playing bad guys. Because bad guys always have very intense emotions, and bring a lot of passion to everything they do; even death makes them excited. You know what you want, you know what you need, and you go after that without any scruples whatsoever to unleash your passion and desires, without any need to hide it.

Regarding fat: "Eating too well, exercising too little."

Q: Do you care about your body? Everyone says you're getting fat? (this question was interrupted)

Keanu: (waving his hand, indicating he doesn't mind) Because directing is really hard work. I've been eating too well and exercising too little.

Q: Why this method of stress relief?

Keanu: I need balance and relaxation. Actually I've recently gained quite a lot of muscle, and lost a few pounds.

Q: What kind of person are you in life?

Keanu: (After thinking for a long time) I don't know, man.

Q: What do you do in your free time?

Keanu: When I have time, I'll visit friends or read books.

Loves Chengdu: "Life here is very comfortable"

Q: On this China trip, what's your impression of Chengdu?

Keanu: This is my third time visiting Chengdu, because Chen Hu comes from here. My previous visits to Chengdu were all as a friend visiting his home as a guest. Chengu is a very beautiful city, and life here is very comfortable.

Q: Do you like szechuan?

Keanu: Very much, because I like eating spicy food.

Q: You can take the szechuan type of spicy? It's really hot.

Keanu: (in Chinese): It's no problem, no problem.


1. Intimate interaction between fans and Keanu; Huaxi Dushi's fan event has many benefits
2. Keanu's signed an English autograph for this newspaper: 'WMG ALL MY BEST'


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