Moviefone (US), October 28, 2013

Keanu Reeves: Why I Love Movies

by Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves -- director and star of "Man of Tai Chi" -- is Moviefone's Guest Editor from October 28 - November 1. Watch for exclusive features from him throughout the week. Below, the actor explores his love of movies, from watching them as a kid to his growing appreciation through the years.

When I look back at my youth and my first experiences watching movies, I think of them as a means of travel -- the journey of "once upon a time" or "in the beginning" -- and a story unfolds.

Movies provide stimulus to sink our teeth into -- we go through our tastes emotionally and intellectually. I first saw movies on television, which, I came to learn as a kid, isn't the same thing as actually going to the movies. I discovered you could actually "go to the movies" so, "do you want to go to a movie?" was a sentence and an endeavor I came to say and do more and more as I grew up. You got to travel and see another world.

I often watched movies/television alone, sometimes with family, sometimes with friends -- but when you went to the movies, you were in a shared experience with other people. I liked that. Even now, when I go to a matinee by myself, everyone in the audience is sharing that story. Movies often "speak" to the human condition. They entertain and illuminate, which is fundamentally "why I love movies."


Man of Tai Chi

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