Cover Media (UK), December 12, 2013

Keanu: Virgin days are over

Keanu Reeves knows he’s old because he never gets the “virgin role”.

The actor turns 50 next September, but continues to dominate Hollywood with appearances in films such as Man of Tai Chi and 47 Ronin.

Over the years he’s noticed a distinct shift in the type of characters he plays.

“I don’t get to lose my virginity much anymore. I don’t get the virgin role!” he mused on British TV show Lorraine.

“Absolutely your roles change; you start playing fathers, that kind of stuff. The heady young days, those are fantastic aren’t they… No [I don’t miss them], I’ve been fortunate to find interesting roles and do projects that I really enjoy.”

In 47 Ronin, Keanu plays a Samurai sword fighter.

He might enjoy a good fight in the action-packed film, but he’s a peace-lover in real life.

“Grade school was the last time I had fisticuffs,” he grinned.

“One I kind of talked my way out of and the other one kind of surprised me, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m hitting you…’ but then I thought, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ I would say: I just do what needs to be done.”

One of Keanu’s biggest roles was as Ted 'Theodore' Logan in the Bill & Ted movies and TV series.

The actor is unsure if he will hit the big screen as the character again.

“Who knows? There is a script and well see if that craziness actually happens. It would be very surreal!” he smiled.


47 Ronin , Man of Tai Chi , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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