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Keanu Reeves Updates on Bill & Ted 3, Passengers

by Scott Collura

Of Ted "Theodore" Logan and Adam and Eve in space.

You wouldn’t think that a big star like Keanu Reeves -- who isn’t just an actor now but has also moved on to directing (Man of Tai Chi) and producing (Side by Side) -- would still be up for reprising his role as the goofy time-travelling rocker Ted "Theodore" Logan from the eternal Bill & Ted series. And yet, as talk persists that a Bill & Ted 3 might happen, Reeves seems quite game. No way!

I caught up with Reeves on the set of his revenge action thriller John Wick recently (look for more on that film soon), and the topic of the Two Great Ones of course came up. We also chatted about his next project, the sci-fi tale Passengers, and his love of genre films in general. Read on for all the Keanu goodness…

IGN: So I was at a Christmas party the other night, and I met two little kids, brothers, and their names were Bill and Ted.

Reeves: Really?

IGN: I swear to God. My wife and I, afterwards, we were like, "They named them Bill and Ted, right? I didn't misunderstand?"

Reeves: Did they actually know that?

IGN: Well, they called the one kid "Teddy," but the influence is there. You keep hearing these murmurs about a third film. Is that something that could actually happen at some point?

Reeves: Yeah, the writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson wrote a script. So there's efforts being made to try and get it made. It's a cool story. They came up with a really good story. It would be surreal to play that character at 50, but as long as it's funny and touches peoples' hearts.

IGN: But you would do it though, if it did become logistically realistic?

Reeves: Yeah, yeah. Alex Winter [Bill] and I have remained friends, and we collaborated a little bit with the writers. They have a worthwhile story.

IGN: Those guys, the Bill and Ted-type guys, they're the ones who live forever anyway, right? My friends who were like that, they're going to outlive me by 60 years I think because they don't worry about anything.

Reeves: Yeah, and I love that about the characters. [laughs] They have an innocence and what I call an eternal optimism.

IGN: Passengers sounds like such a cool concept. We don't know a heck of a lot about it but it feels like a Twilight Zone episode or something like that.

Reeves: Yeah, Passengers is about a guy who wakes up on a spaceship that's doing a homesteading, that's going to another planet to live, along with 5,000 other passengers. Something happens, and he wakes up too soon. He's surrounded by the sleeping passengers and a robot android, Arthur. He starts to kind of lose his mind. He becomes lonely, and he ends up waking up a passenger, Aurora [played by Rachel McAdams], and not telling her. It's a love story -- Adam and Eve, in a kind of way.

IGN: But you love these things, don't you, the genre-type films?

Reeves: I love genre films when… and it's oftentimes what they can do, like science fiction or even a kung fu film, like with Man of Tai Chi, or films that I've had a chance to work in like The Matrix or A Scanner Darkly. Even, in a way, Chain Reaction or The Day the Earth Stood Still, for me they're the genres that can be a Trojan Horse for bigger ideas. They can have an entertainment value to them specific to the genre or not. Sometimes the story breaks out of the genre content. But then you can put in big ideas in human ways.

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