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Keanu felt a bit of an outcast

Keanu Reeves has confessed he felt just like his outcast character in 47 Ronin, as the only non-Japanese member of the cast.

The Hollywood heartthrob plays outcast Kai in the 3D adaptation of a classic Japanese tale about 47 samurai in 18th-century Japan who avenge the murder of their master.

Keanu revealed: "Even though everyone was really nice to me and we got along great and it developed great, I still couldn't hang out and speak Japanese, so in a way I was always Kai. I could say 'Good morning,' and 'Nice to meet you,' and all that but I couldn't hang out."

The 49-year-old Canadian actor has made a string of martial arts movies and admitted: "I've always been drawn to eastern culture."

The Matrix star had to learn how to use a Katana, the traditional Japanese long sword.

He said: "I'd never worked with a Katana before, that was fun. Even though it's a fake fight and it's movie fighting, you still have to have technique. I'm a beginner, but I got to be very specific, so that helped. I got to do some horseback riding, so that was a blast, I loved that.

"It was just training, eat right, go to work."

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