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Keanu Reeves Says 'Bill & Ted 3' Script Done, Just Needs Funding

by TJ Dietsch

2012 was a surprisingly big year when it came to news about Bill & Ted 3. But after nearly a year without any more talk about the project, Keanu Reeves recently spoke with Today about shooting the movie next year at the age of 50.

“I’m open to the idea of that,” Reeves said. “I think it’s pretty surreal, playing Bill & Ted at 50. But we have a good story in that. You can see the life and joy in those characters, and I think the world can always use some life and joy.”

He wouldn’t get into any details about the script, but he confirm that it’s complete. “Yeah, there’s a story; there’s a script,” he said. “We’re trying to get the dough together to make this crazy story.”

News broke in August 2012 that Reeves and co-star Alex Winter were attached to star in a film, penned by the original writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. Galaxy Quest and RED 2 director Dean Parisot was also attached.

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pi(3.14...)b & t 3 (2014-01-01 13:22:19)
 Galaxy Quest was great! This could be EGGSelent, dudes!

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