Jornal da Globo (Brazil), January 1, 2014

Keanu Reeves

(Translated from Portuguese by Anakin McFly using Google Translate)

Actor Keanu Reeves is about to turn 50. In his next film, which debuts this month, he plays the role of a samurai and shows that he is still in great shape. In New York, he gave an exclusive interview to reporter Elaine Bast.

[Narrator] 'Keanu' in Hawaiian means 'the cool breeze over the mountains', a simple meaning for the name of the actor who burst into action with films like Speed. In The Matrix, Keanu Reeves enjoyed success as the hacker Neo. Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon, but grew up in Toronto, Canada.

Asking him how much age has changed him:

[Answer] I don't know, you're closer to dying, I guess it's clear that death can come at any time. There's more risk of disease. But you know, the pleasure, the euphoria or... whatever that is... is still around.

[Voiceover] And he shows that he's still agile and fit in his the new movie 47 Ronin, which takes place in feudal Japan. Keanu Reeves plays Kai, part of a group of 47 samurai who go looking to avenge their master's death.

Would he rather have been a rock star instead of a film star?

[Answer] Oh my gosh. Well those are two things I love. I had a good time playing music, but being an actor was what ended up defining my path.

Reeves says that he has an apartment in New York and always comes to town to visit his friends and family. I asked if he likes coming to the Big Apple to be anonymous in the crowd and have a normal life.

[Answer] Um, you know I'm pretty much anonymous, um, but once in a while people will recognise me. You know, I come to New York to see friends and family, and it's an amazing city.

And when would this Hollywood hunk want to meet our fatherland?

[Answer] I don't know, I've been thinking I have to go to Brazil, I have to go to Brazil, I would love to go next year to watch the World Cup. But really, any day would be a good day to go to Brazil.

And the sooner the better. Fans will be thankful.


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Guestour parents? (2014-01-25 01:02:31)
 Did that mean fatherland?
Anakin McFly
(2014-01-25 21:56:30)

ah, good point. Changed, and thanks!

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