(UK), January 21, 2014

Keanu: Actors are just beggars

Keanu Reeves believes actors are always "begging" for their next role.

The star kept busy last year with the lead role in action adventure 47 Ronin and also acting as director and star of Man of Tai Chi.

Now that he's having a quick breather, the 49-year-old is relaxing his beauty regime.

"Whenever I'm not working, I stop shaving!" he laughed to German newspaper Bild.

"Us actors are really just beggars waiting for our next role."

In Man of Tai Chi Keanu shows off his martial arts skills as part of an underworld fight club.

When it comes to real life, the star isn't so keen to use his fists.

"Yes. But any kind of conflict is wrong," he replied when asked if he can defend himself. "I'd rather run away than fight."

In his spare time Keanu loves riding motorcycles and the actor revealed why he thinks A-listers are so keen to jump on a bike.

"Because you're free and in charge of your own destiny," he smiled.

"There is nothing nicer than riding your bike down Sunset Boulevard - towards the sunset. I live right in the middle of West Hollywood. I never lock my door. When I was shooting my film I wasn't there for four months - and all my friends were partying."

Keanu has been in the business for some time and recently admitted that he's definitely noticed a change in the roles he's offered.

"I don't get to lose my virginity much anymore. I don't get the virgin role!" he mused on British TV show Lorraine.

"Absolutely your roles change; you start playing fathers, that kind of stuff. The heady young days, those are fantastic aren't they. No [I don't miss them], I've been fortunate to find interesting roles and do projects that I really enjoy."


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Damn (2014-01-23 12:02:13)
 He is so consistent.
Snort...never locks door (2014-02-24 03:34:15)
 I've seen that door. Its HUGE. No ordinary door. Long story short, was staying on Sunset (was there for an industry event in the area) and hadn't been in the Hills for years. Florida is flat. This whole region is.

So, I get to my hotel, after 8hrs on a flight and go wandering up the hill (took no camera and kept phone in purse, last thing I wanted to do was make residents wary of me, I know the area very well) Was *not* looking for his place but the first road I went up - ended up taking me there and the door opened.

Unfortunately the other end was a dead end and had to double back. *sigh* anyway, found a nice area I could chill and watch the moon rise over the city. Also met a cute male couple who were out walking their dog, we bs'ed for a while too.

thanks (2014-02-25 12:03:14)
 for sharing your story axie. :)

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