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Keanu Reeves’ ARCH Motorcycle Co. Begins KRGT-1 Production

by Ron Lieback

ARCH KRGT-1 Production News

After two years of tweaking and testing its KRGT-1 prototype, the ARCH Motorcycle Company says its “retro-modern custom” is available on a built-to-order basis.

The KRGT-1 by ARCH Motorcycle Company – a collaboration between renowned actor Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger of L.A. County Choprods – is offered at an initial price of $78,000 with a $12,000 deposit. ARCH says “production will be limited, making ownership a coveted experience.”

The creation of ARCH has a quite a plot. Reeves and Hollinger met seven years ago when when Reeves was in search of a custom sissy bar for his “near-stock V-twin cruiser.”

The designer and actor began a rapport, and traded ideas about building a unique American V-Twin “retro-modern custom” with real-world ride-ability. What became of those ideas was the KRGT-1 prototype, which was announced just after the ARCH Motorcycle Company was formed in the fall of 2012. The KRGT-1 features a 122-horsepower S&S 124-CI V-Twin, Ohlins and Race Tech suspension components, and ISR brakes (full specs below).

Once Reeves and Hollinger decided to manufacturer the bike for the public, Hollinger “committed to the lengthy process of vetting his design to meet even higher aesthetic, performance, production and reliability standards. This three-year quest allowed time to perfect the ARCH philosophy, ‘Connecting The Art and The Ride.’”

Speaking of the KRGT-1, Arch Motorcycle Company says: “The KRGT-1 represents the culmination of years of design and R&D focused on producing a category-defying American motorcycle with real world rideability to match the meticulous craftsmanship.

“Its streamlined retro-modern styling brings the contours of the past into the present. The bike showcases over 200 parts created at the Arch production facility (in Los Angeles), each bike requiring 300-plus machine-hours using state-of-the-art CNC and water-jet machinery. Dozens of other proprietary parts are supplied by premium vendor/partners who share the same demanding standards.”

ARCH says the current delivery schedule is about 90 days from receipt of deposit.

For additional information, visit archmotorcycle.com. For sales inquiries email sales@archmotorcycle.com or phone (310) 675-2724 ext. #1.


  • Engine: Arch Proprietary S&S Cycle T124 Twin Cam; 124 Cubic Inches (2,032 cc); 45° Downdraft Fuel Injected V-Twin
  • Max HP @ Rear Wheel: 121.53
  • Max Torque @ Rear Wheel: 121.77
  • Transmission: Arch Proprietary 6-Speed Baker Drivetrain w/ Custom Compact High Torque Mainshaft
  • Primary Drive: Arch Proprietary Bandit Dry Belt w/ Compact Clutch Basket
  • Final Drive: Right Side, 530 O-ring Chain
  • Frame: Arch Tube & Billet Steel w/ Billet Aluminum Structural Members
  • Swingarm: Modular Billet Aluminum with Titanium Axle Adjusters
  • Front Suspension: Ohlins Inverted 43mm; Fully Adjustable
  • Rear Suspension: Race Tech Single Shock w/ Reservoir and Hydraulic Preload Adjustment; Fully Adjustable
  • Wheels: BST Ultralight Carbon Fiber; Front: 3”x 19”; Rear: 8”x 18”
  • Front Tire: 120/70ZR19
  • Rear Tire: 240/40R18
  • Front Brakes: Dual ISR 6 Piston Monoblock Radial Mount Calipers; Dual ISR Floating Dampened Discs
  • Rear Brakes: Single ISR 4 Piston Monoblock Radial Mount Caliper; ISR Semi-Floating Disc
  • Lighting: High-output LED Headlamp w/ Integrated High Beam, Low Beam; MotoGadget Bar End LED Front Turn Signals; Arch Cove-Reflective LED Tail Light w/ Unitized Brake and Turn Signals
  • Battery: Ultra lightweight, compact Lithium Ion power cell w/ Up to 700 CCA in a sub 4 lb package
  • Instrumentation: MotoGadget Motoscope Pro Digital Instrumentation w/ Programmable at Your Fingertip Function
  • Wheelbase: 68”
  • Rake: 30°
  • Trail: 5.0”
  • Seat Height: 27.8”
  • Dry Weight: 538 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity: 5 US Gallons
  • Range: 285-300 Miles
  • Ergonomics: Each Arch can be custom tailored to enhance ride comfort and performance. Ergonomic options include Forward or Mid Controls, Narrow or Wide Mounted Foot Pegs and 2” or 3” Handlebar Pull-Back Risers


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Arch Motorcycle


sigh! (2014-10-04 01:14:44)
 The gallery isn't helping, like AT ALL! Me can't afford it :-( Kawasaki has launched a new monster but that one looks like a transformer(decepticons). I know that's a ninja but THIS is art!
Kaw (2014-10-04 04:35:47)
 is I think 300 hp? That's nutty fast, you can't really fit a passanger on either one...so. I wonder what they both sound like, you know, for fun. I won't ever ride one.
oh yeah (2014-10-04 04:43:35)
Found the link.
I think the KRGT1 has more of a classic look to it, nice!! I want to see his commercial.
Elegantly mean :D (2014-10-04 12:34:06)
 That's how I would like to call it. I dreamt about Harleys for a while (when a kid), then it was completely Norton. I did like Ducati Monster but THIS is amazing. My new found love!

Its like every component I have admired in others has been elegantly combined, made more potent and efficient(at least from what I have read). I love what they've done with the rear tyre. Its freakin awesome!

Kawasaki IS CERTAINLY not street-legal! It does look like one hell of a monster though. 300Hp is most definitely nuts but man, that is something! First thing that popped up on my mind was - Decepticon! Price tag is lighter by 13K but KRGT (in my mind) wins hands down and thats not because of the person involved :D :D (ok, may be a little)

Thanks for the article Bliss! In case you haven't seen this: a small video AM put up on their channel on YouTube.


Awesome (2014-10-04 22:31:51)
 thanks for the link! Makes you smile, doesn't it? Looks like a fun ride.
It does! (2014-10-08 23:40:28)
 Considering I'am crazy about speed, certainly wouldn't mind a ride on either of those :-) sometimes it's great to not take gravity for granted.
Guestpodcast! (2015-05-30 12:56:42)
 Have you guys heard this yet? It's really great. A lot of motorcycle terms I don't understand, but a lot of funny parts too.

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