Women Riders Now (US), September 15, 2014

Keanu Reeves and his Arch Motorcycle Company

by Genevieve Schmitt

The actor’s passion behind his biggest “roll” yet

This week, actor Keanu Reeves, and his business partner, Gard Hollinger, are introducing a custom production motorcycle from Arch Motorcycle Company, the business they formed together. The KRGT-1 is more than two years in the making and will be built to order with an initial offering price of $78,000. Production is limited making ownership a coveted experience.

The KRGT-1 is a brand new production motorcycle with most components proprietary. Quick specs include: 27.8-inch seat height, 538 pounds, 5 gallon fuel capacity; 2032cc engine, and 6-speed transmission.

I had the opportunity to talk with Keanu Reeves in an exclusive interview for an article I wrote for American Iron magazine. I was the only journalist at the time given access to the actor to discuss his newly formed company and his passion for motorcycling. I spoke with Keanu by Skype, as he was in China filming 47 Ronin, a movie released in 2013.

Download my exclusive interview with Keanu Reeves here.

More on the KGRT-1:

- The KRGT-1 is available in silver (shown here) and black.

- If ordered now, the current delivery schedule of getting a KRGT-1 is approximately 90 days from receipt of your $12,000 deposit.

Exclusive to Women Riders Now: quotes that didn’t make it into the American Iron article.

Arch Motorcycle Company is not Keanu's first time owning a motorcycle business. In the early 90s he bought into an existing shop in Los Angeles after walking into it for the first time to get one of his Norton's worked on. "So we had the shop for about eight or nine years," he says. "We made a go of it, but you know, classic twins and stuff; we got into this situation where we were not big enough to make it. But it was a labor of love."

One of the many motorcycles Keanu has owned was this one from West Coast Choppers: "It was part of my turning 40. Somehow it didn’t really start out that way, because it took a couple years, but I got it around that time. And I was out of town working so it was nice to come home and to have that bike there."

Have you ever been in an accident I ask? "Yeah," Keanu replies. "I crashed the Norton, had to have some surgery; burst my spleen, then I had another crash on Sunset, lost a tooth, cracked it in half, broke an ankle. I’ve been very lucky, though, in the mishaps. Knock on wood. They’re never fun, but I’ve been fortunate enough to be OK, for the most part."

In the three years it took Keanu and Gard to bring their design to production, Arch Motorcycle Company's philosophy took shape: "Connecting the art and the ride."

For more information and to order a motorcycle, visit ArchMotorcycle.com.


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I wish (2014-09-20 19:57:15)
 I could click on that link and order one :(
'connecting art and the ride' cool!
Guestforward controls (2014-09-20 20:38:26)
 I don't know much about motorcycles, but I love that video (in the forum on this) because it shows Keanu's forward thinking ;) and everyone realizing that he was right.

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