TMZ (US), September 19, 2014

Keanu Reeves Super-Coolly Subdues Home Intruder

Keanu Reeves had his chance to reprise his famous line from "The Matrix" -- "I know Kung Fu" -- because we've learned a woman broke into his house while he was sleeping and plunked herself on his library chair.

Reeves was snoozing at 4 AM Monday when he heard sounds coming from his library ... yes, Ted "Theodore" Logan has a library.

The actor got up, walked in and saw a woman in her mid-40's sitting in his chair, not uttering a peep.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Keanu calmly approached her and began speaking to her. She explained she was there to meet him. He very calmly called 911 and obtusely told the dispatcher cops needed to roll quick.

Police came and took the woman into custody. She was taken for a psych evaluation.

It's another amazing story of an obsessed fan gaining entry into a celeb's house. It recently happened to Sandra Bullock ... the fan ended up at her bedroom door as she was sleeping. Interesting ... that's Keanu's "Speed" co-star.

Keanu lives in an area in the Hollywood Hills tour bus drivers call "Hunk Alley." Leo DiCaprio is his neighbor. Tobey Maguire used to live next door to Keanu. The drivers call out Keanu's house -- which is built like a fort, so it's just amazing someone broke in.

Here's what's even more amazing. Apparently he didn't set his alarm.


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Funny pictures and comments on this article: (2014-09-21 19:01:33)
Anakin McFly
(2014-09-21 21:19:54)

Man, that thread gave me such a huge variety of feelings. Funny gifs, distasteful jokes, brilliant puns, ignorant Keanu-bashing, heartwarming Keanu defense, discourses on the joys of books and readings, the snubbing of said joys...

Although the thing that stuck with me most is the guy who said that reading fiction is pointless because you can't learn anything from it and it won't make you a better person or anything. Ohhh no.

Reading... (2014-09-22 01:29:47)
 ...makes you a better person, period.
What struck me the most is that most people were surprised about the library, but the guy reads more books in a week than I manage in a year! Yes internet, he's a nice guy aaannnndd he reads a lot...
Now he needs to learn to lock the door at night. This could have ended much worse.
(2014-09-24 09:03:49)
 It bothered me when I first heard about this that a lot of people were dismissing the possibility that it was real. I would have been delighted if it wasn't true, but I was really worried if it was - thank God it wasn't "worse" although if you've never had your home broken into, it is pretty terrifying.

And I still hear from people "he's got a library?" and "he's cute but dumb" I ask these people if they've seen Side By Side - many of them have never heard about it. That's a shame. I think he is extremely intelligent but a bit introverted ( if that doesn't sound crazy)

Guestaccording to the online articles quoting the police, (2014-09-24 15:55:47)
 there was a 911 call and someone was removed from the premises. But there's a lot that hasn't been made public about the whole affair. So no, not buying the 'deranged fan' story.
GuestIn prison there are libraries too. (2014-09-24 23:18:09)
 Entering someone’s home without the resident’s prior knowledge and consent is against the law in the United States. This woman’s behavior should not be rewarded by publicity; nor should the incident be made light of. I’d like to suggest that WINM take the lead in encouraging responsible fan behavior by removing this article, and all articles that encourage crossing personal boundaries by removing them from the site: especially those involving encounters --even the pleasant ones. My guess is that this woman wants to known, even if by nothing other than being perpetrator of a felony. It’s the apex of distaste.
Anakin McFly
(2014-09-24 23:33:00)

I agree that the incident should not be made light of, but at the same time I think that publicity was the last thing the woman was thinking about. As many have said and which seems evident, she was very likely not of sound mind. I don't think this was an attention-seeking move or one done purely out of malice or obsession - it just doesn't fit the details of the case, or how a mentally-healthy person would behave. But yes, it's clearly criminal and illegal, and nobody here is arguing that.

Nonetheless, WINM aims to be a comprehensive archive recording Keanu's life and things that have happened to him: both good and bad. This archive has and will continue to include articles that are unkind to Keanu (the changing consensus opinions of critics is interesting to chart), or that record attempts to hurt him (like the paparazzi who wrongly accused Keanu of trying to run him over), or report unsavoury behaviour of various people towards him (like the woman who wrongly accused Keanu of fathering her four kids and tried to claim retroactive child support), or have even been proven to be untrue (like the fake reports of Keanu's wedding to David Geffen), as long as those events have had some significance in his life - enough to be reported by the media. We are a news source.

I understand and appreciate your concern, but I don't see anything in this article that 'encourages' criminal behaviour; breaking into someone's house is illegal, whether or not it belongs to a celebrity, and if you do so you will be arrested. That has always been the case, and is exactly what happened here; nothing has changed. And sometimes articles like these do have positive effects, like creating discussions on appropriate fan behaviour and boundaries.

(2014-09-25 02:15:57)
 Ani, sometimes I envy your eloquence :-D
Guestto : 2014-09-24 23:18:09 (2014-09-25 03:29:27)
 Jealousy is always ugly.
GuestKeanu said (2014-09-25 05:58:44)
 it happened (in an interview elsewhere here) so...there you go. He also very sweetly said he hopes she's ok.
Appropriate behavior for guests of all sorts (2014-09-25 08:41:46)
 Thank you Anakin. I think we've been very clear about not condoning in any way criminal trespass and indeed, vigorously discouraging that among fans. It's Anakin's house, Anakin gets to make the rules. Polite guests will understand that. I find many responses to this incident very odd indeed. I don't get the comment about "jealousy" at all. Oh yeah, and in all cases, guests are invited, or they're not really guests.

I find it interesting that immediately after saying this shouldn't be given any more publicity, Guest has made several comments that are perhaps intended to convince us of " being thisclose"
We've done that already, and it wasn't any fun then either. People here seem to be a bit beyond that sort of nonsense. I dearly hope that Keanu is safe but I don't have time for silly games.

Guestto Mme Renard - (2014-09-25 16:43:36)
 - see the Away until 25 June thread and 'anita 772's posts there.
To Guest (2014-09-25 19:48:05)
 1. I thought you didn't want to give this more publicity 2.Yes, I wrote a lot in that thread and think I was quite clear. 3. No, I do not believe that it is always wrong for "lesser mortals" to approach a Celebrity in any legal and decent way 4.I doubt that Keanu thinks of fans as "lesser mortals" and you will not convince me otherwise 5. Try not to sound like you're speaking for Keanu unless you are Keanu, in which case this will need to be Skype for me to believe you 6. All of this ground has been covered ad nauseam, I guess I've said all that I need to say.
GuestSkype? hmmmm... that *does* sound familiar (2014-09-25 22:04:39)
 But what I meant, Ms.Fox, is that the 'guest' at (2014-09-24 23:18:09) was anita772 posting anon. Process that bit of info for a while.
(2014-09-26 02:48:29)
 [ Comment deleted by poster ]
Guestin other words (2014-09-26 03:02:52)
 you're too predictable ;)
(2014-09-26 03:06:14)
 [ Comment deleted by poster ]
Guestbut I'm not done with you ;) (2014-09-26 03:13:42)
 who went on a hissy fit all over the net last year, demanding that people take down that photo and the story from their fb walls? who jumped at ARYA's throat for posting the link here?
Exactly the same demands made by 'guest' here, anon.
(2014-09-26 03:30:59)
 [ Comment deleted by poster ]
Guestdon't flatter yourself. (2014-09-26 03:44:30)
 I keep an eye on *everyone*.
(2014-09-26 03:53:29)
 [ Comment deleted by poster ]
Goodbye, troll. Can we please end this nonsense? (2014-09-26 03:59:08)
 Thank you, Anita. I know we don't see eye to eye on this subject but I respect your views and am displeased that a troll is annoying us and playing the sad and pathetic "guess who I am?" game.
Guestread again, Ms.Fox (2014-09-26 04:09:28)
 I never asked that question.
Also, think "anita" 's choice of username was accidental? Think again.
(2014-09-26 04:16:11)
 [ Comment deleted by poster ]
GuestThe 'troll' is the wiki post, not me. (2014-09-26 04:22:47)
 I'm simply holding up a mirror. Not my problem if you don't like your own reflection ;)
Anakin McFly
(2014-09-26 09:18:10)

Quit the anon bickering. This isn't UGossip.

"Also, think "anita" 's choice of username was accidental? Think again."

Of course it wasn't. It's her name.

GuestHahahahaha... (2014-09-26 16:00:22)
 Cute discussion... Makes me remember the Dogstar-Official-Board-fights... Anakin, I'm sure you would remember those times :-) So, enjoy the fun and let us see who wins :-) I actually like the guest's style...

Breaking someone's house is not a good thing, but Keanu is a grown person, he decides if he sets an alarm or not, but it is also kinda warning for him...

Have a nice day all here :-)


Anakin McFly
(2014-09-26 17:03:13)

Nope, I wasn't around in those times.
GuestOh... (2014-09-26 22:08:32)
 It was so fun, never boring :-) You get to know so well the people, when you see how they fight... Too moralistic (my English isn't so good, sorry) people usually uncover their real art of being in a discussion like this... I like intelligent thoughts and this guest hasn't offended anyone, they have fun... me too by reading this...

By the way, Anakin, I'm amazed by all you've did on this page :-) Very complete and serious information, well organized... I like this a lot... A lot of work and a great efford actually...

Have a nice day :-)


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