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'John Wick' stars promote latest action movie

In Keanu Reeves' latest movie, he's been pushed to the edge and looking for revenge in "John Wick."

Reeves plays a retired hitman targeted by gangsters and forced to return to his old ways with a vengeance.

From start to finish, the newest big screen hitman is blowing up everything in sight.

Donovan Campbell: "What best sums up your character in the movie 'John Wick'?"

Keanu Reeves: "He has a strong will."

Reeves plays a retired hitman whose been dragged back into the crime underworld of relentless Russian mobsters.

Sounds like the Al Pacino line in the The Godfather Part III, right?

For the role of a retired assassin, Reeves had to broaden his horizons.

Donovan Campbell: "Talk about that aspect, you know, learning a new language."

Keanu Reeves: "With 'John Wick,' I got a chance to learn a bunch of stuff. I got to learn Jujitsu, a little judo, got to do some stunt car driving, which is really fun, and another layer to it was the Russian. I had some great teachers. It was fun to try and teach some Russian."

John Leguizamo: "As actors we get to learn so many different things all the time, and it's so great. Different languages, different skills.

Keanu Reeves: "Then you forget them."

One thing Reeves didn't forget was playing an unforgettable role, where he not only worked with Emmy-winning actor John Leguizamo but with a familiar director and producers.

John Leguizamo: "They did Matrix with you, they did 300, Hunger Games. These guys just set it up so beautifully."

Keanu Reeves: "The bar is really high. You have an opportunity to..."

John Leguizamo: "To really push yourself. That's dope."

Donovan Campbell: "There were a lot of guns in this movie. Your takes on firearms, you like to shoot a little bit?"

Keanu Reeves: "I get to do it in movies, so it's bit of a fantasy. 'John Wick' has a bit of fantasy element to it."

Donovan Campbell: "There was a lot of bumps and bruises too. What was the Tylenol on that film?"

Keanu Reeves: "Everyone was pretty safe but It was intense."

John Leguizamo: "Yeah, you still get hurt even though you're doing safe stunting; you're still going to get hurt, man. You're throwing punches over and over again. I know I went home. I couldn't move my back."

This action-packed production will definitely have fans moving to the box office. "John Wick" opens in theaters Oct. 24.

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