Collider (US), October 11, 2014

Keanu Reeves Talks DOCTOR STRANGE and His Stance on Comic Book Movies in General

by Evan Dickson

For the past week or so since Joaquin Phoenix dropped out of negotiations to play the title role in Marvel’s Doctor Strange (and even before that really if you go back a few months) the internet has been torn virtually asunder by chatter regarding whom might be right for the role. One of the names that has been bandied about in recent days is Keanu Reeves and I can see why he’s a fan casting favorite. Not only does he have the right look and demeanor for the role, but he’s worked with director Scott Derrickson before on The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Steve caught up with Reeves today and, while the bulk of their interview centered around the f*cking fantastic John Wick, they discussing the notion of playing Doctor Strange and doing superhero movies in general. Hit the jump for Reeves’ thoughts on Doctor Strange. John Wick hits theaters on October 24th.

You can watch the entire Doctor Strange and superhero conversation below (it’s only three minutes), but if you’re light on time here’s a quote that seems to sum up the thrust. I have to say I agree that Reeves has a good point about those long-term contracts. Of course he’s in a position where he can make those kinds of calls:

From a practical standpoint the idea of a longtime contract is sort of “errr” because you want to make sure the material is up to a certain level. Like the good or great level. I like the idea. I go to those kinds of movies. I grew up on them and comics and graphic novels. [But] I didn’t know Doctor Strange as a character, I didn’t read that as a kid. I’m gonna have to read it. I remember reading something… who’s going to play Doctor Strange? Would I be good for the role?


Day the Earth Stood Still, The , John Wick

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