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Keanu Reeves and John Leguizamo on puppies, “Point Break,” and privacy

“John Wick” is the ultimate revenge/action film where a retired hit man is forced back into the game after thugs invade his house, steal his car, and kill his puppy. But the film’s stars – Keanu Reeves and John Leguizamo – say the flick is about a lot more than a dead dog.

Unfortunately, Keanu is no stranger to home invasions, both on- and off-screen. He was the victim of two home invasions last month. Fusion Live spoke to him and Leguizamo about the current state of privacy for celebrities.

“For me, I think you want people to enjoy your stories, you want people to enjoy your work, however you are communicating,” Reeves said. “But I think if they’re in your house at 4 in the morning, and they’re not invited, that’s crossing a line.”

Leguizamo agreed that more needs to be done to protect privacy: “To have home invasions or to have your Twitter site or your personal photos opened up, it’s just wrong,” he said. “I think the government needs to get involved, somebody needs to get involved… There’s got to be some kind of punishment for it.”

Of course, we had to also ask Keanu about the much-anticipated “Point Break” remake.

“I think it’s great,” Reeves said. “It means that the first “Point Break” in a way is a kind of classic then, because if you are reinventing something you tend to pick classics and you want to update it and make it part of this time.”


John Wick , Point Break

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