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@IMDb: Keanu Reeves will take over @IMDb at 9amPST today! Send your questions now to #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: Hi everyone thanks for joining me for an e-conversation! - Keanu

Stacy Scott ‏@rmbsnik: @IMDb What was it about Derek Kolstad's script that sold you on playing the lead role? #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@rmbsnik I loved the lead character John WIck. I liked his grief, will and determiniation to gethis life back. cont.

@IMDb: . @rmbsnik And i loved the underworld that Derek created wi/ such interesting & mysterious characters.

Fin Zy ‏@fin6threbel: @IMDb #IMDbAskKeanu What lesson in life do you think the movie #JohnWick will influence the audience? #Love #Keanu #Greetings from #Malaysia

@IMDb: .@fin6threbel to learn lessons from the past, to ask the question, ‘Can you really change?’ And for John Wick the answer is ‘yes’

‏@Kitty_De_Freak: #IMDbAskKeanu You said all your characters, have a part of yourself.Which part of yours have you put in John Wick and which you wouldn’t?

@IMDb: .@Kitty_De_Freak I really enjoyed playing John's grief. I'm a little more goofy than #JohnWick. #IMDbAskKeanu

Roy Ganot ‏@Roy4114: @IMDb What was the craziest/dangerous stunt you've ever made in your films? #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@Roy4114 I did a film called #awalkintheclouds & there was a sequence where the vineyard was on fire & I had to run through the fire.

@IMDb: .@Roy4114 cont. that had the most potential for awfulness.

Robin \-\ ‏@robinthemind: @IMDb Will you ever (hope/want to) work with the wachowski's again? #IMDbAskKeanu

@IMDb: .@robinthemind Absolutely. They are such wonderful people and extraordinary artists. #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

Roy Ganot ‏@Roy4114: @IMDb What scene was the most difficult to shoot in "John Wick"? #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@Roy4114 Hmmmmm. I would say the fight w/ Perkins, the female assassin. cont. #JohnWick

@IMDb: . @Roy4114 cont. I had to learn the choreography two hours before we filmed & fight in boxer shorts & John kind of gets beat up. #JohnWick

Roy Ganot ‏@Roy4114: @IMDb What was the most unforgettable/ funny moment you experienced while working on "John Wick"? #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@Roy4114 It was a very intense shoot & the action sequences demanded a lot of timing & cooperation. Everyone was very serious. cont

@IMDb: . @Roy4114 So when we'd do a take sometimes I'd forget a move or the stuntman would come in early.

@IMDb: . @Roy4114 So when it goes wrong, really wrong, you can't do anything but laugh. You are supposed to be this really intense super assassin

@IMDb: .@Roy4114 and you're just standing there saying, what do I do next?

@IMDb: .@Roy4114 The stuntman is standing there looking at you trying to stop himself from punching you in the head b/c I was supposed to duck.

Nina ‏@_Nina_0715: @IMDb The flight scenes are awesome, what's the difference from the action movies that you have act in the past? #IMDbAskKeanu

@IMDb: .@_Nina_0715 In #JohnWick I get to do some things I haven't done in the past like Jujitsu and Judo, and car-fu. Like kung-fu, car-fu.

Tanner Risner ‏@TannerRisner: Did your characters upset over his dog come from a real place? #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@TannerRisner Absolutely. It's not just a dog but it's the sentiment and the connection of the person who gave it to me. cont.

@IMDb: .@TannerRisner Their love for John and their understanding of John. And I have been lucky enough to have that kind of love passed on to me.

R2 D2 ‏@RDinyar: @IMDb @lionsgatemovies #IMDbAskKeanu How do you feel about a being a video game character? Would you be up for it? What would he be like?

@IMDb: .@RDinyar Sure. But I don't know what the story would be. I'd need a visionary for that. I just hope the game doesn't suck.

emily phillips ‏@emtphillips: @IMDb #IMDbAskKeanu u hve an extensive body of work across disciplines-can u describe intersections & how they reflects yr own sensibility?

@IMDb: .@emtphillips I always hope to be able to work in different genres & tell stories in different kind of ways... cont.

@IMDb: .@emtphillips ...whether it's an indie film or a big budget film. #JohnWick

Annabelle ‏@BSBFan_Belle: @IMDb If you could choose any director to work with in the future, who would you pick and why? #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@BSBFan_Belle Today I will pick Martin Scorsese b/c his films look they are always so much fun to act in. cont.

@IMDb: .@BSBFan_Belle He's such a wonderful storyteller. And I grew up being inspired by his films.

Amanda Hunt ‏@man_ders11: @IMDb I loved Man of Tai Chi.What does Tiger Chen say about your fighting style #IMDb #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@man_ders11 He says I have okay style. Which from him is a very big compliment.

summer0001 ‏@summer0001: @IMDb how did you prepare for your role on #JohnWick #IMDbAskKeanu

@IMDb: .@summer0001 On the action side I had 3 months of training. And I came up w/ a backstory for him & tried to personalize his emotions. cont

@IMDb: .@summer0001 cont. And was supported by wonderful characters & dialogue.

Vikki Inspired ‏@Vikki_Inspired: @imdb Man of Tai Chi showcased some brilliant Kung Fu. Any plans for a sequel/ another martial arts film with Tiger Chen?

@IMDb: .@Vikki_Inspired Thank you! I had an extraordinary time making that film and I have an idea for Tiger Chen called Uhe warrior & the princess

@IMDb: .@Vikki_Inspired . He plays in a mythical time in the past.

@IMDb: .@Vikki_Inspired A loner warrior who ends up protecting a princess on her travels to being married to a man that she doesn't love.

@IMDb: .@Vikki_Inspired And he and the princess end up falling in love but they cannot be together.

@IMDb: .@Vikki_Inspired And she cries a diamond tear. which he catches in his hand. And has to walk away.

Amanda Hunt ‏@man_ders11: @IMDb You need to direct more films, any plans in place? #IMDb #IMDbAskKeanu #JohnWick

@IMDb: .@man_ders11 I so loved directing and hope to have the chance to do it again. I hope to find the story to tell.

@IMDb: Thanks everyone. If you go to see #JohnWick I hope you enjoy it. I'm going on Saturday to see it in IMAX because it's going to be awesome.

@IMDb: Thanks again - Keanu

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