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Keanu Reeves talks about iconic lines, his new film, and action at age 50

by Kim Holcomb

Keanu Reeves has made more than 50 movies over the past three decades.

And one of them always seem to be playing somewhere.

"I've wasted literally weeks of my life because when (Point Break) is on at midnight on cable," entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb told him during an interview in New York. "I have to watch it!"

"That is not a waste of your time," he laughed.

"Have you ever done that? Flipping channels at home and you're like, 'Oh, there's my movie'?" she asked.

"Once in a while," he replied. "For me, seeing a (motion) picture again is like opening up a photo album. You go back to the people that you met, the experiences that you had, so it's fun when that happens."

"Are any of those photos worth revisiting? I know there's been a lot of talk about Bill and Ted Part 3, but are there other characters that you've played that you think now, at age 50, would be kind of cool to re-explore?" Holcomb asked.

"You know, I always wished I had a chance to play John Constantine again," Reeves answered.

These days, he's too busy playing John Wick - the main character and title of his latest film. Wick is an ex-hit man who's drawn back into the life out of vengeance. And at age 50, Reeves is every bit the action star he was in his 20's.

"Point Break was 23 years ago, action film," Holcomb said. "What is the difference between doing an action film now, from then?"

"Point Break was my first. It was my first time," Reeves answered. I couldn't have done it like I do it now back then."

"I read something where you said you love doing as many takes as a director will let you do," Holcomb said.

"Yeah, I'm always looking for super-perfect," Reeves answered.

"Do you beat yourself up?" she asked.

"Not as much as I used to. But, super-perfect is alive and well," he said.

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