(UK), October 23, 2014

Who Would Win, Neo or John Wick

by Dennis Ryan

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(Transcript by LucaM and Anakin McFly)

Q: First off, I just want to say, I love the movie, it was so fun.

K: Cool, thanks.

Q: No problem. And I was wondering, when you were reading the script, what was it initially about John Wick, the character, that made you decide that you wanted to play this role?

K: I liked that he was suffering, that he was losing his wife, the great love of his life, I love that he ended up losing something that was precious from him, this gift from his wife, this dog, this companion to help him over his grief. And then I loved the mythic John Wick. Not only was he the... he was the guy you send in to kill the boogeyman, he's bigger than the boogyeman. I liked his will. I liked his devotion to his purpose.

Q: John Wick, he was such an incredible badass in this movie, and you've played some incredible badasses throughout your career. I was wondering if I could ask a couple [...] these characters that you've played, and see how John Wick would handle himself in a fight against these guys...

K: Okay...

Q: Okay. I know Neo is kind of like a supernatural...

K: Yeah, Neo's got magic powers.

Q: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. How long do you think John Wick would last against Neo?

K: Well, first of all, I don't think they'd fight. Yeah... yeah, they'd go out for noodles or something. You know, they'd get some ramen, and then if someone came and then started some trouble between them, I, that would be bad.

No, Neo would probably be like, "John, man, what are you doing? It's okay, man. I can handle this. We don't have to hurt anybody." And Wick would just be, "...step aside."

Q: So Neo would be more, uh, calm.

K: Yeah, Neo, Neo... yeah... yeah, he's like more of a philosopher. John Wick’s more old school.

Q: Right. Well, one last question... I'm very excited about the Point Break reboot, and was wondering if there was any chance that you would make a cameo...

K: That would be pretty meta, wouldn't it. ... But I'm not against things like that, but it would have to be the right situation for it.

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