(Aus), January 14, 2015

New twist in the Razzie Awards with new positive Razzie Redeemer Award introduced

(snipped for Keanu content)

The Razzie Awards are renowned for targeting the worst films and actors of the year, but this year’s nominations include a new twist.

The Golden Raspberry Awards now have a new category of the Razzie Redeemer Award.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Mike Myers, Keanu Reeves, and Kristen Stewart have been nominated for this category on the grounds that they each received critical praise this year for their work on screen. (Affleck for Argo and Gone Girl, Aniston for Cake, Myers for Supermensch, Reeves for John Wick, and Stewart for Camp X-Ray.)

The winner of the new category will be determined by an online vote.

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John Wick


John Wick

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