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Keanu Reeves wants to be a cool grandpa

Matrix star Keanu Reeves speaks to dpa about his upcoming movies and his old-age plans.

For Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, getting older means transitioning away from roles in action flicks to star in other genres. But it does not mean he will be giving up his passion for motorcycles anytime soon.

Reeves, a Hawaii-native who is well-known for roles in action films like Point Break (1991) and Speed (1994), says he is looking to expand his repertoire as he gets older, playing an assassin in his latest film John Wick and a detective in the upcoming film Daughter of God.

"I think I am just being carried by the stories that I get to tell," Reeves has told dpa in an exclusive interview. "Getting older - that's part of the development: how you learn and grow and change."

Reeves, 50, whose first name means "cool breeze over the mountains" in Hawaiian, is also known for starring in the science fiction trilogy The Matrix (1999-2003).

"I have been doing different kind of genre and different kind of roles in a way - from the assassin to the victim to a lawyer."

In his latest film John Wick, directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, Reeves makes a comeback playing a retired assassin seeking revenge for the killing of his puppy, a gift from his late wife.

Reeves also recently worked with director Eli Roth on Knock Knock, a home invasion drama due to be released later this year in which he plays a father ambushed at home by two femme fatales.

Though aging has meant a transition from fast-paced action movies to psychological thrillers, Reeves remains a thrill-seeker at heart.

He has been a massive motorcycle enthusiast since his early 20s, when he purchased his first Kawasaki KLR600 during a movie shoot in Germany. His collection has since expanded to include bikes from Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi and Suzuki, many times purchasing them for the duration of a film shoot and selling them afterward.

All in all, he does not plan on settling for comfortable roles or slowing down anytime soon.

"When I am 70 years old, maybe taking a motorcycle ride and still doing a little bit of work, ... maybe then I will have the chance to enjoy the day," Reeves said.


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moonlightoverchaos2Time is. all things (2015-07-21 11:09:15)
 Interesting how Keanu speaks of getting older and of all the things that have passed him by. Time is the biggest thief of all things. It steals from that which we don't know we will miss.
Hopefully given enough time maybe Keanu can do a comedy for those of us that have seen him in hilarious rolls. Playing the "Cool grandpa would be so perfectly excellent. I hope that I'm still around to see that.

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