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Keanu Reeves admits he struggles with action films now he's 50

Keanu Reeves has confessed he feels the physical strain of action movies more than he used to.

The 50-year-old action star attended the premiere of his new revenge movie John Wick at London’s May Fair Hotel.

Reeves plays the title role in the film about a retired hit man who is mourning the recent death of his wife, when he is forced back into action by a Russian mobster.

The Matrix star demonstrates his extensive martial arts skills in the film, which also stars Pirates of the Caribbean’s Ian McShane, Game Of Thrones actor Alfie Allen and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star Michael Nyqvist.

“Definitely being older, you can’t run up stairs as fast, and down is probably more difficult,” Keanu admitted.

“But with age comes experience, or with experience comes age… One of the two.

“And with that I have a lot of experience learning the choreography, understanding the camera and action, that helps me be more efficient.”

John Wick is the directorial debut of stunt coordinators Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, who worked as Reeves’ stunt doubles on The Matrix trilogy.

“Chad was a stunt double, I met him on the first Matrix film in 1998, we worked together through the years and when he started a production company with David we kept in touch and I sent them the project,” Keanu said.

“It gave us a kind of shorthand and a kind of trust in the action of it. Certainly they knew what I could do and what my limitations were, so they were able to create sequences which have a lot of energy, they feel kind of fresh.”

The Hollywood heartthrob was asked if he could understand Zayn Malik giving his reason for quitting One Direction today as wanting to escape the pressures of fame.

Reeves, who admitted he had not really heard of One Direction, said: “It’s interesting the more people you can reach with your art and your craft sometimes brings attention and the sensation of that, and that can become very, very isolating. It’s an odd thing.

“You want to each out but at the same time you become isolated.

“For me that was one of things that was tough.”

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