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Keanu Reeves Dating Transgender Girlfriend Jamie Clayton; 'John Wick 2' News?

by Shane Jordan

Despite supposedly being spotted out on a date with former Generation Um costar, Bojana Novakovic just a few weeks ago, word has it that Keanu Reeve is already head-over-heels for somebody new. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Matrix action icon is falling hard for his new transgender girlfriend, Jamie Clayton. Regardless of what is going on in the Point Blank star's personal life, Keanu Reeves's career is doing better than ever. In addition to presumably getting to further avenge the death of his wife in John Wick 2, Alex winter -- Reeves sidekick in the Bill & Ted movies -- recently revealed that they are finally close to starting work on the sequel to their characters' Bogus Journey.

Just last month it looked to the Daily Mail like Keanu Reeves was trying to ignite a romantic spark with Jason Segal's ex-girlfriend, Bojana Novakovic, but rumor now has it that Neo has a new woman on his mind.

One source in the latest August 3, issue of Star magazine claims that ever since meeting transgender actress Jamie Clayton on the set of The Neon Demon, they haven't been able to get enough of each other:

"They're definitely smitten.

"The fact the Jamie's transgender doesn't mean a thing.

"Keanu likes her and respects her no matter what."

An eyewitness to their July 16, date at the Chateau Marmont told the tabloid that Keanu and Jamie looked every bit the loving couple on their night out:

"Jamie was acting all giddy on the way out of the restaurant when Keanu wrapped his arm around her lower back...and he went in for a kiss."

Not only does has Keanu reportedly found love, the 50-year-old Hollywood icon has several major project coming his way as well.

Following the success of John Wick, directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, who have since been attached to Chris Pratt's Cowboy Ninja Viking, told that it is not so much a question of getting the sequel greenlit as it is coming up with a plot that holds up a little bit better than the first film's:

"It's the matter of story and how much you like the character. That's always the most important. If there's great action but you have a character that no one likes and doesn't have charisma you're not going to watch it.

"So we want to make sure we have a story and a character that everybody loves and then we'll dress it with action that we promise will be awesome."

According to Keanu's Bill & Ted bestie, Alex Winter, they are equally close to getting started on the sequel to their Bogus Journey.

After years of trying to get their pet project made, the Battlestar Galactica actor told Yahoo! Movies that they were on the verge of getting started on production:

"We're really close. We're just about there.

"In Hollywood parlance, [that] means we'll either be shooting soon, or it's never going to happen.

"We are eager to stop talking about and actually shoot the d*mn thing."

Maybe they can even find a spot for Jamie on the new Bill & Ted movie so Keanu will never have to be without her.


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SeraphinaTabloid Gossip (2015-08-07 21:51:32)
 My niece took an overdose of sleeping pills when Star first printed this story bc she was so upset, she had to have her stomach pumped and spent three days in the hospital. She is bipolar and has struggled with mental illness all her life, so obviously she has very deep psychological issues that can't be blamed on a gossip magazine. But I just wonder if the tabloids ever think about the type of damage they're capable of. I seriously doubt Keanu was ever dating Bojana or Jamie and I wish for once he'd sue them. At the very least, I hope karma pays the person that filmed them a visit.
Anakin McFly
(2015-08-07 22:19:27)

Aww crap, that sucks. I really hope she's doing better now. :(

And yeah - I doubt Keanu is actually dating either of them, since tabloids turn every meal he has with a woman into some kind of romance or potential marriage. Then again they do this with probably every celeb, and have been doing this throughout Keanu's career, as seen by the various tabloid pieces like this archived here (I post them because I like to track how celebrity media culture evolves or devolves over the ages). I'm not sure he's even aware of what the tabloids say about him, given how he generally avoids the news, and is at least oblivious enough that for instance he didn't know about the Sad Keanu thing until it was specifically brought up to him.

It's not really something he can sue about, though, given that it's not libel, just empty speculation and rumour; actually suing would likely cause more damage than harm, because it suggests that the idea he's dating a particular co-star is something he finds offensive enough to take legal action over. Which would be kind of hurtful to Bojana and Jamie, and also isn't the kind of person he is. I mean, this is the guy who wouldn't address the rampant gay rumours for years because he honestly didn't care if people thought he was gay.

But yes, the filming - maybe he might have a case there regarding intrusion of privacy, though I'm not sure what the laws are like around paparazzi.

Seraphina (2015-08-08 00:27:20)
 Thanks for your kind words Anakin :) She's ok, but what angers me is that she might not be if she had been home alone. I want to say to anyone that reads this, she's a very kind person who's always been very accepting of all people, trans included. I just think like a lot of fans, she has an idealized image of Keanu, and the thought of him dating a trans woman was too much for her fragile mind to handle. Like if it had been anybody other than Keanu, she would have said good for them. You're right, that he probably couldn't sue even if he wanted to. Their "source" never says anything specific, such as they've been seeing each other for a while, or they were making out. They simply expand on what actually happened and print screen captures of the video that seem to tell a different story than the video that started this rumor. When Star said he knocked up Parker Posey, I don't think either of them denied it. People are going to believe what they want to believe regardless. I've seen some nasty comments about Jamie not addressing the story. But, if Keanu doesn't care, I feel like she might think this rumor helps bring mainstream acceptance to trans people. That may be completely wrong, but I think it's possible. Thanks for letting me ramble on. I wouldn't even be thinking about this anymore, if it hadn't hurt someone I love. You're a cool guy Anakin.
Anakin McFly
(2015-08-08 11:46:24)


Keanu has never been in the habit of addressing tabloid rumours about his personal life, so if this is the one and only time he does so, it would suggest that he finds something particularly offensive about the claim he's dating a trans woman; which I doubt he does. And yeah, I've seen the comments accusing Jamie of being opportunistic and exploiting this rumour for personal gain, but it's just as likely that she's likewise respectful of Keanu's privacy. Or they might think there's a possibility of this becoming something more, and don't want to jump to conclusions just yet. Most romances take some time to grow, after all.

Meanwhile this has been pretty well received in the trans community, like on this heartwarming Reddit thread here:

So there's also that; even if it weren't an actual date, the fact that Keanu is good friends with at least two trans women is already a big thing in the way of acceptance, and makes him more awesome.

How's your niece doing at the moment with all of this? If she ever wants someone to talk to about it, I'd be happy to.

Seraphina (2015-08-08 21:25:23)
 She's still having a hard time dealing with it, but I think she's more open to the idea that it's probably just a rumor. Especially after I reminded her of all the other untrue things that have been written about Keanu over the years. Unfortunately someone who's mentally ill can't always see something upsetting to them in a logical way. You're very sweet to offer her someone to talk to, and I'll let her know. We're all keeping a close eye on her and she's resuming therapy next week. Thanks for being so compassionate :)
Keanu Reeves and Jamie Clayton (2015-08-10 10:41:19)
 I'm slowly beginning to think that this might be true in some way. The rumor is still circulating and a lot of magazines have already reported on this one. Only time will tell on this one. I contacted Entertainment Tonight and asked about it and they still haven't responded. I think they are investigating it further I don't know.
I think it would more awesome to know that he accepts her the way that she is and ignores her past. It is a big thing in the way of acceptance and makes him more lovable if this is true.
I have a brother-in-law that is openly gay and I have to accept that with open arms. So this would be a big thing in the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender communities if Keanu was dating a Transgender woman like Jamie Clayton.
I would still support Keanu's career no matter what and still be a big fan of his. I have been following his career for the past 20 years and things haven't changed.
Believe me this did shock me at first, but I have been getting more acceptant over this in the past few days.
I'd still say time will tell over this. And who knows. I'll be more than happy for him if this is true and hope for the best for the both of them.
Guest (2015-08-11 19:07:34)
 Those magazines are all copy/pasting the same story based on the same single sighting - namely that video. Which can hardly be interpreted as 'dating', but whatever (floats anyone's boat), I guess. So far, the rumor is as believable as KR and Parker Posey having a child together (remember that one? :D ).

As the above poster said, time will tell.

Guest (2015-08-11 22:51:42)
 It does seem like the news sources, internet jump on the story too quickly that Keanu is dating someone even if it's just a friendly outing. I feel sorry for him because it makes it difficult to have an ordinary date with someone without the press making them a couple before they are one. That in turn sends most die hard fans into a frenzy. Give the guy a break, he is human after all and needs to live his private life without so many speculations and attention.
Anakin McFly
(2015-08-12 11:56:19)

Yeah, the tabloids always do that. I don't think the video was a romantic thing, but it could also have been the prelude to one.

@Dz0 - :) I don't think it necessarily means he ignores her past, though - she was still the same person, after all, just looked different - and he might just see it as part of her whole personal life history.

Keanu Reeves and Jamie Clayton (2015-08-13 03:20:30)
 I agree with Anakin on this one. Tabloids always do that, but I think that this video could very well be the prelude to a romantic thing. It seemed like that to me, because they exchanged kisses twice in the video.

You are right on this one Anakin. I don't think that he will completely ignore her past. He just may see it as her personal life history.

This story is circulating though. Found another article and it was dated 8/11/15. So they may be dating. Who know though.

If it is true I will still support Keanu no matter what. Whoever he chooses to date is his decision not mine.

Guest (2015-08-13 17:27:58)
 No matter how many other copy/paste articles the internet will spawn, it's still just that one sighting. Some people are trying too hard to convince themselves - and everyone else- that this means more than it actually does...

It's ok to have your own opinions and feelings, folks. No need to look to KR's public behavior - or lack thereof- to validate them.

moonlightoverchaos2rumors stand by (2015-08-18 08:03:52)
 One thing I know about Keanu is that he never seems to concern himself with rumors about his life. HE just chooses to do as he pleases regardless of what opinions are voiced. I just hope that who ever he hooks up with be it long term or short that he is happy and continues to enjoy his life. After all isn't that the best part about living?
I believe it is.
Guest (2015-09-05 00:35:38)
 I get that Keanu wouldn't deny this because he doesn't care about rumors and also bc he wouldn't want to offend anyone. FWIW, I watched the video and I got the impression that the first kiss was him saying his goodbyes. After they break apart, he walks off and is tending to his bike and not interacting with or looking at Jamie at all. It seemed like he didn't realize she was still walking with him until he looked back up and after the second kiss, he was all about his bike again. As for the story spreading, so far Star is the only US tabloid that has mentioned it, and a few foreign tabloids. A couple gossip websites picked it up, but none of the really big ones. That to me is telling bc in the gossip world, an A list actor dating a transgender woman would be newsworthy. Rex Features ran a bunch of photos a couple months ago of him outside a restaurant with a brunette I didn't recognize and although they were standing close, there was no physical contact. This actually seemed like more of a date to me bc he wasn't touching her. He has a tendency to be more tactile in public with friends than girlfriends, especially if he thinks he's being photographed. I don't mean this to seem like I would have a problem with him dating Jamie, but in my opinion I don't think he is. I do wonder if they knew they were being photographed or filmed.
didn't know that Alex was in Battlestar Gallactica, either... (2015-10-09 05:33:13)
 Yeah. Right. I love media accuracy.

File this one under the general headings of
1) who cares? and
2) hope he's happy, with whomever

She is also a star of Sense8, the very interesting Netflix series directed by whom? oh, that's right, the Wachowskis, and yes, Lana is transgender and completely brilliant and awesome. In whatever context, I say good for Keanu.

Guest (2015-10-10 02:17:19)
 He is a very nice guy.. A deserving and promising actor... He has suffered a lot in his life... He deserves to be happy... He just went on a date with a few of his co-stars.. Its his wish whatever he does. I have no idea why the media has to poke on about everything he does.. Get a freaking break.. Stop spreading rumours on every single issue.. his life whatever he does none of your business....As his well-wisher i pray he gets all happiness of this world.. Keep on getting more projects as well as an amazing life partner with beautiful kids :)
Guest (2015-10-10 21:27:45)
 IF that's what he wishes for himself, too. The 'amazing life partner with beautiful kids'. No need to push one's own wishes on another. No matter how well-intentioned.
GuestDating (2015-11-12 21:07:42)
 ? So and know
Guestto 2015-11-12 21:07:42 (2015-11-13 00:26:38)
 posting from an iPad, you are?
GuestParanoia (2015-12-25 22:50:48)
 Why are some people so paranoid about who Keanu is dating. Have you not seen My Own Private Idaho, Keanu's gay film. People fall in love for various reasons having nothing to do with their body parts.
GuestRespect (2016-04-22 10:59:07)
 Keanu seems like a really decent person and comfortable enough with himself to openly kiss (platonic or otherwise) a transgender woman. A lot of men, having to be all macho and whatnot, wouldn't be able to do that. He's a massive celeb to boot, probably knew there's a high chance there would be paps outside the Chateau Marmont, but he kissed and hugged his friend goodbye anyway. My already high respect for him has doubled.

My niece came out as a transgendered female last year and it's been an up and down roller coaster of emotions. I know my brother (her dad) is terrified of what the future may hold for her. The main thing my niece needs is acceptance, she's beginning to accept who she is, we as a family love and accept her, but it's the public perception that can be hard. All this thing lately about what toilets should be used, if they can marry and just general bigotry and ignorance makes a difficult time for a person even harder. So I applaud people like Keanu. I doubt he did it as some kind of political statement, he was just kissing his friend goodbye, but these kinds of actions help to shift public perception little by little. As an aunty to a much loved niece, I am grateful.

Anakin McFly
(2016-04-22 15:23:16)

Yes. :)

The bathroom debates are infuriating - I can understand people's fear that male perverts might pretend to be transgender women and slip into female bathrooms, but they don't seem to realise that the laws banning that would just mean male perverts could pretend to be transgender men and slip into female bathrooms, much more easily at that; they wouldn't even have to bother cross-dressing. It'll cause so much damage and put so many trans people in danger while not even solving the problem it was meant to, and already there are cases of non-trans women getting kicked out of female bathrooms because others thought they were male.

All the best for your niece! I hope all goes well for her.

Guest (2016-04-24 02:59:39)
 Thanks! She's taking things slowly. My niece is only 18 which is a massive transitional period for anyone, child to adult, but she's getting there. :-)

May I take this opportunity to say what a great site this is. I was a fan of Keanu back in the 90's when I was a teen, never stopped liking him, but my keen interest in him has rekindled after watching John Wick a few weeks back. Love reading the articles in the archives, it's nice to see how much Keanu has grown and matured as a person, but essentially stayed the same.

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