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‘John Wick: Chapter Two’: Laurence Fishburne Asked to Be in Sequel and Talks Timeline

by Dave Trumbore

While chatting with Laurence Fishburne for his role as Perry White in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Steve Weintraub had a chance to sneak a couple of questions about John Wick: Chapter Two into the conversation. We learned back in December that Fishburne would be reuniting with his The Matrix trilogy co-star Keanu Reeves for the Chad Stahelski-directed action sequel, but now we know just how he got involved with the picture.

Additionally, Fishburne revealed just how much action he gets into in the hitman picture and how his character fits into the wider world of John Wick. It turns out that in the sequel to the surprise hit of 2014, audiences will be in store for a broadened world; Fishburne’s character has something to do with these new corners of the universe. John Wick: Chapter Two already sees Reeves reprising his role along with Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, Bridget Moynahan, and Lance Reddick, and newcomers Common, Ruby Rose, and Peter Stormare. And of course Fishburne, whose video interview can be viewed below, followed by more on his quotes:

(Go here to watch the interview)

When Steve talked about how much he loved John Wick, it turned out that Fishburne felt the same way. That’s part of the reason he was so keen to get involved with the sequel:

Yeah, Keanu and I have remained friends and we saw each other and I told him I watched the movie and loved it. He was about to start the movie again and I was like, “Yo, man, you gotta talk to Chad and tell him that your boy Fish wants to come get down,” because I really wanted to be a part of it. They found something for me to do, and it was really cool.

We’re not quite sure how big of a role Fishburne’s character will play in the sequel or just where he’ll fit into world. Apparently he won’t be involved with the boutique hotel named The Continental, but he stayed pretty quiet on any details beyond that:

I’m not part of the Continental world, no, but I’m a part of another world that exists inside the world of John Wick. That wasn’t something that was clear in the first movie. It’s like a part of his world that exists but you wouldn’t know about it, and it won’t really be revealed until the second movie.

Fishburne did, however tease just how much action he’ll be getting into in the sequel:

A little bit, not a whole lot. Very, very little. Very little.

So it’s not quite clear just which side of the conflict Fishburne’s character would be on. (Would you rather see him reteam with Reeves or go against him?)

He then elaborated on just how the movie was coming together in general:

It’s fantastic. It’s very cool. It picks up where it left off and it’s one of those instances where the right actor in the right role and the whole thing. It’s really great.

And for those of you who are interested in Fishburne’s process as an actor, here’s a little “Inside the Actors Studio” insight regarding his approach to reading scripts:

I always want to read the script and know everything and at least understand the context of the world that you’re in and why you’re there and all that stuff. It’s good to know something. I like to know, but I’ve never been one of these, “Just show me my stuff,” no, I like to know what the whole picture is so I can understand how I fit into it.

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