Collider (US), June 19, 2016

Peter Stormare Talks ‘Clown’, Old School Visual Effects, ‘American Gods’ and ‘John Wick 2′

by Christina Radish

(Snipped for Keanu content)

During this exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor Peter Stormare (who plays a character that is all too familiar with what happens when you put on the clown suit) talked about why the story of Clown appealed to him, what he appreciated about Jon Watt’s vision for the film, and how he feels about clowns. He also talked about playing Czernobog in the highly anticipated Starz series American Gods, inspired by the Neil Gaiman book, being in the John Wick sequel, and why he admires Keanu Reeves.

What appealed to you about getting to work with Keanu Reeves again?

STORMARE: I’m not in it much. Me and Keanu have been friends for a long time. He flies under the radar, like me. He does a lot of odd projects and independent movies, and people never understand what the hell he’s doing and why he’s not doing Speed 9 or The Matrix 6. He said that, because people love making three movies, he wanted me to be the main character in the third movie and for people to meet me in the second. I really love his work ethic, and I like the way he portrays himself. He’s not a big media guy. He went to China and did a movie with a Chinese cast, and people here don’t even know about it. It’s a fantastic movie, called Man of Tai Chi. He’s one of the actors/directors that I really respect. He’s a guy full of ideas. He’s working independently, like myself, and if you walk your own path in this industry, you feel a lot better than if you’re just doing things for money.

I can’t talk for him, but I know that he’s been offered so much money to do Speed or The Matrix again. It takes some courage and some soul-searching to say, “No, I want to do my own stuff. Do I need a bigger house? Do I need another car?” For him, it’s, “Do I need another motorcycle?” And he says, “No, I don’t. I’m not in it for greed or money. I’m in it for longevity and to do the things I’m passionate about.” And the same goes for me. As an actor, you have to do things out of passion sometimes. I’m not in it for a lot of money. I could have done it for that, if I wanted to. But I only need one car, and I’d rather work with people I really do respect and admire. And if you walk that path, you don’t get written about too much in the tabloids, and I’m good with that.

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