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Keanu Reeves on the Set and at Home

by Barbaros Tapan


Excitedly awaited by action movie fans, John Wick: Chapter 2 has just been released. You play a merciless assassin. You're also one of the actors who are savvy about guns. Could you tell us how you prepared for this role?

It wasn't all that different from the first movie except that this time, I pushed my limits further. I continued training for judo and jujutsu, and worked hard to improve my use of weapon technique. I reserved three days of the week for gun training. It feels amazing to see appreciation for the time and effort I spent for the role.

It's rumored that there will be a third movie in the series.

It's true. Before the second movie, I got together with our producer and screenwriter to talk about the story. The first John Wick that comes to your mind is an assassin but there's also an inner John. Should we tell about him, or should we leave him in the dark? And if we shoot the third movie, where will the story go? Finally, the second movie portrays John Wick as a suit-up assassin but we are thinking about telling his inner story in the next one.

You've been in this industry for a long time and you are very famous. How do you manage to live such a secluded life?

The movies I've been in so far have been very well received by the audience, which is wonderful, but I don't like being seen around or living the life of a famous person. I'm mostly at home, doing my hobbies, making stuff.

I've heard you're building your own motorcycle. Haven't you found a ready-made one that suits your taste?

I founded my company, Arch Motorcycles, to be able to manufacture the motorcycles I want. We're manufacturing exclusive and high-performance models - the kind you cannot find anywhere else. They're unique and high-quality. We have a model and we customize its color and equipment for each customer. Then, we manufacture every piece based on the height, weight and other physical attributes of the customer.

Do you take your motorcycle with you while traveling?

I've done that; I think that's what passion is. I drove my motorcycle in France, northern Australia and many places in the U.S. but my true goal is to tour Italy and Spain.

You said you spend most of your time at home. Do you cook?

I wish I could. I stink at cooking as much as I love eating - so much so that I worked a lot even to learn how to use the coffee machine. But I'm a great guest, I enjoy whatever is served.

You're in your 50s but you still look very young. How did you manage that?

I wish there was a youth elixir but unfortunately... I think genetics is responsible for the most part but I do use creams and lotions for my wrinkles. Since I enjoy eating, I cannot follow a healthy diet all the time.

If I lose the thread, I immediately call my personal trainer and we hit the gym.

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