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Interview with Keanu Reeves

Learn how Squarespace teamed up with Keanu Reeves and his company, Arch Motorcycle, to make this motorcycle adventure happen.

SQUARESPACE: At Squarespace, one of the things the company was founded on is the belief in great design, usability, and performance. There's a lot of parallels with that and Arch Motorcycle. Did that play into your decision to use Squarespace for your website?

KEANU: Yeah, Arch Motorcycle is really based around form, function, and design. When we were looking at places to create the website, Squarespace was really the fit. Like riding a motorcycle, there's something about Squarespace that's really accessible, but then also can become sophisticated. And it's really up to you. So, it was really a great way for us to bring Arch Motorcycle into the world.

SQUARESPACE: How involved are you with the Arch website?

KEANU: Very involved. "What's our message? How are we going into the world?" With my co-founder, Gard Hollinger, and with the team from Arch, that vision of the company kind of funnels in. Really, Gard and I are kind of the tip of the spear of that, speaking about what is the vision of the company and how does the vision be expressed in the world.

SQUARESPACE: Why is having a website or an online presence really important for your business?

KEANU: So, when you have a business, you need a website. It's important, because it's the connection that you have to the outside world. The way that anyone in the world can have access and have that moment of exchange and communication with what you're doing - is unparalleled with the website and with the internet.

SQUARESPACE: You haven't done a commercial in years. What made you decide to do this particular campaign with Squarespace?

KEANU: I started acting when I was fifteen. And I had this moment with my agents, where I said to them, "I can't go on a commercial audition for something that I don't have an affection [for] or believe in." So, when myself and Arch were approached by Squarespace, it was cool, because we use Squarespace. And then, when the creative was brought forward, in terms of what the ideas were, it was really exciting. They were smart. They were funny, I thought, "That could be cool. Surf a motorcycle in the desert. Yeah."

SQUARESPACE: How did you realize that your passion could become something much more than a simple hobby?

KEANU: Arch Motorcycle began about eight years ago. I had a motorcycle that I was looking to customize and I was introduced to Gard Hollinger, who's a renowned bike designer and builder. Over the course of four years, collaborating together, and then, with his design, the motorcycle was built. I rode that motorcycle and I'd never ridden anything in my life like that. A big, American V-Twin that handled like a performance cruiser. And I said to Gard, "Let's bring this into the world. Do you want to start a motorcycle company?" And he, being in the motorcycle world of business for 30 years – 35 years – said "Why? Why should we do it?" And I think in the background of that is we had really enjoyed the collaborative process. And we really had a belief and passion for what he had built. And a drive to wanting to bring that into the world. And so we founded Arch Motorcycle.


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Make It With Keanu Reeves, Arch Motorcycle


Make It With Keanu Reeves, Arch Motorcycle

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