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Stranded in California

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keanu got stranded somewhere in california and had to take a bus instead of a plane and some guy filmed the entire experience and i am BEGGING yall to watch this  (video available at above link)

5:44 PM - 24 Mar 2019

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i have nothing to promote but i would like to credit the guy who filmed all this:

Keanu Reeves Gave His Fellow Stranded Plane Passengers a Tour of Bakersfield in a Van

By Anne Victoria Clark Little is known about the notoriously private Keanu Reeves other than that he is very good. He is a very good actor, a very good commuter, and we can now add very good stranded plane passenger to this list. After his flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles was rerouted to Bakersfield due to a mechanical issue, the actor rallied his fellow passengers to make the best of a bad situation. After learning that the baggage handlers would not arrive to unload the broken plane for three hours, Keanu pitched to the group that they “*clap* hit the road” (the handclap is so important to this phrase) and worry about their bags later. It’s unclear if Keanu actually organized the van, or was simply the motivating factor for people to board the van. Regardless, once boarded, van passengers were treated to Keanu Reeves regaling them with Bakersfield facts and local music from his iPhone. Keanu Reeves: He’s Good!


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